Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Hello dear readers,

Valentine Day is almost here with romance in the air.  The flower shops are getting ready for business time, expecting volumes of orders.

My shop isn't ready yet.  I keep stocking up.  This time I made orchids and as usual, I got carried away and spent a whole week making them as well as the pots.  (Egg carton pots, as you probably guessed.)

This lot is already donated to charity.  I'll have to craft some more if I want them for the shop.

Paper orchids are not very difficult to make.  These are done with only two punches which I have at hand, a 1/8" hole punch and a 1/16" flower punch.  I hope they look fairly similar to the real flowers.

Keep away from the flue my friends!
Wishing you the best with blessings.


  1. Pues yo las veo bien pero seguro que las siguientes te saldrán mejor así que animo y enséñanos más. Espero ver tu tienda de flores terminada pronto. Un abrazo.

  2. Such lovely orchids. Mini ones are the only kind I can keep alive. Happy Valentines!

  3. A mí las flores me parecen complicadísimas, Drora y las tuyas son una maravilla :) Un beso

  4. te han quedado unas flores preciosas, me encantará ver tu floristería,feliz noche .Besos:-)

  5. Hello Drora,
    These are just lovely. they will be such a great addition to your shop. well done.
    Big hug

  6. Your orchids look so real, great work.
    LG Alexandra

  7. Son unas horquillas preciosas.

  8. Son muy bonitas, espero ver pronto tu floristería !!!

  9. Que bonitas te han quedado Drora, me encantan tus creaciones y estas orquideas no se quedan atrás, son preciosas para decorar miniaturas o hasta un rincón pequeñito, jiji

  10. Tus orquídeas son maravillosas Drora!!!

  11. Just gorgeous, Drora! It is so nice that you make such beautiful things for others, though you need so many for yourself!

  12. They look so beautiful Drora! The egg carton pots are very well done, I could not tell. Wishing you lots of fun with making the ones for your store. Hugs, Susi

  13. !These orchids are lovely! Great job

  14. Due to the fact that I am a lover of phalaenopsis orchids (because they are beautiful and one of the few plants that are able to survive my watering service) I am able to judge the fantastic quality of your orchids. What a lovely work - pots like these will be an awesome addition for your shop.


  15. Que bonitas, me encantan, te han quedado muy autenticas, son una belleza...un beso.

  16. Какие прекрасные орхидем! Они будут чудесно смотреться в вашем новом магазине!

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