Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas 2017 gifts from Germany

Hello dear friends,

Isn't it nice to be able to post about gifts again? No matter how late they arrive (c/o our slow post services) they bring joy and cheer up our spirits.  These wonderful goodies came all the way from  Birgit, in Germany. Birgit is our dear friend, whose witty comments on our posts, put smiles on our faces. Also, Birgit who tries to make her friends happy by sending specially made for them gifts.

A cute and beautiful Christmas card,  Christmas tree lights (To be used next year), Christmas tree
silver ornaments, a tiny bear and a gorgeous winged dragon.

A 2018 calendar, specially made, photoed and designed by Birgit for her friends, with gorgeous photos starring Flutterby and Rosey.  Marzipans, fresh delicious.......

In addition, 3 beautiful greeting cards, difficult to see them.

Baalatova, immediately as I opened the parcel, confiscated the tiny dragon with the excuse, that when he grows up to his final size, this winged dragon will become her transportation means instead of the unreliable brooms.  She promised to feed and take care of the little fellow until then.  Here you can see her with her favorite pets both made/painted by Birgit.  She looks smug.

Good news.  The entrance to our apartment is finished.  The final touches are scheduled for next week and then we'll be free of the laborers and I'll be able to post a photo of the new looking building.



I wish you all a warm and pleasant end of the week with blessings.


  1. Que bonitos regalos y que buena noticia, las obras son odiosas.

  2. Bien Drora ,es estupendo que estén a punto de terminar la obras!!!
    Preciosos esos pequeños dragones.

  3. Me alegro de que por fin las obras terminen!!! Acabo de venir del blog de Fabiola donde le decía que los regalos rezagados son muy especiales, precisamente porque llegan cuando nadie los espera. Me gustan mucho los tuyos. Jaaaa! qué lista Baalatova :) Un beso

  4. Just lovely. And congrats on the near completion of construction!

  5. Baalatova ha sido rápida y lista,quedándose con los dragones,tiene una buena disculpa,viajará mucho más rápido! menos mal que te deja disfrutar de los demás regalos,tan bonitos y deliciosos!
    Me alegra mucho saber que las obras van llegado a su fin!!!

  6. Great gifts!!! You must be relieved and glad to see the end of the works on your building.

  7. Beautiful gifts, Baalatova is a very smart lady :) I am glad to hear that the works are finally finish, enjoy!

  8. ,Dear Drora

    .Birgit sends such wonderful presents
    .Her winged dragon is a beauty
    .I totally understand Baalatova's smugness
    .Let's see how long til he's large enough to carry her

    !How nice to see renovations are progressing
    .I wish you a wonderful week and say hi to Baalatova

    ,Kind regards

  9. Beautiful gifts from Birgit.
    Baalatova looks happy.

  10. Baalatova is one clever witch for sure... Borthud Skullington asked me to greet her in his name, according to him there's nothing more reliable in the world than a dragon transport. It's great to see how happy dear Baalatova is with her little green pets. And I'm glad that I was able to send you a little joy via mail... but even more that it finally arrived at your place. My, this has caused three more grey hairs for sure... *LOL* Good to hear that the renovation trouble will be history soon, it must have been very annoying with all this dirt and noise.


  11. Enjoy your beautiful gifts from Birgit,you deserve it. A big hug and my best wishes for the new year... I hope the renovation will finish soon.

  12. Estupendas noticias quitarte a los trabajadores de encima para volver a tu vida normal.
    Los regalos de Birgit fabulosos y tesoros para recordar el cariño con que te lo envían.
    Un abrazo

  13. Hello Drora,
    Birgit is the best! what lovely presents she sent you! I am happy the renovations are coming to an end.
    Big hug

  14. Que bonitos regalos, son estupendos, y que alegria cuando viene el cartero y nos lo entrega, dan mucha felicidad... me alegro que las obras hayan llegado a su fin, ha quedado muy bonito, merece la pena tanto trabajo, el resultado es genial, feliz comienzo de año Drora...besos.

  15. Замечательные подарки от чудесного друга! Сложное время, когда идет ремонт. Ремонт закончится и вокруг будет все новое и чистое! Это очень приятно!
    Я надеюсь, что у вас все будет хорошо!

  16. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !