Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hello dear readers,

No, we haven't said goodbye yet to the renovation workers, in fact today, one of them worked inside our apartment today, fixing up the damages caused from the outside, such as making the sliding windows and shutters move smoothly just as they were before.  At least the lobby floor tiles  are nicely laid and I can go out wearing regular shoes.

I cannot work on a new project before the apartment is thoroughly cleaned with the help of my daughters and a cleaning lady who comes in once every 3 weeks for a few hours to help me with the house work.  I've promised myself to make at least one miniature a day.  Most of the items created are gifts for people I love.  I never sell, and am very glad I don't need to, because I know there is no price to cover the work one puts in creating a miniature.  It's enough that I know people are happy to receive them and a  pleasure to see them in one of my followers scene settings.  I'm always ready for swaps but not on busy times like Hanukkah and Christmas.

This is what kept me busy on my free time.

More seashell boxes. Some have already left.

They look better with a dark paint under.

Egg carton pots decorated with seashells.  A few still empty.

This one with very tiny flowers.

Flower vases made from a metal bead and metal bead cap, painted with nail varnish.

A warm welcome to my new followers.  I wish you all a warm, lovely weekend with my blessings.


  1. Esta bien jugar con piezas pequeñas a ver que sale de nuestras manos como te ha pasado a ti,
    Bonitos accesorios para fondo de cajón.
    Un abrazo

  2. Oh my... so the worker's with the noise and dirt are still in charge?! *sigh* Stay strong... some time there will be an end to this! ;O) But you're tough to not quit completely on miniature making. Everybody receiving these treasures will be happy and know they received something coming from a dear friend.


  3. I'm so glad they are reaching the end of the construction! The results are nice, but living through it gets very exhausting!
    I love the gifts you've made and I bet they will be loved and appreciated by the recipients!

  4. Has hecho unos bonitos regalos. ¡Mucho ánimo con las obras-

  5. Feliz fin de semana también para ti, Drora :) Me gustan tus plantas y tus cajitas de conchas

  6. Hello Drora,
    Your seashell boxes are gorgeous and your pots are incredibly creative. Your work is always so lovely.
    Big hug

  7. Such pretty flowers and boxes. Hope your repairs are done soon.

  8. ,Hello Drora

    .I am sorry to hear the renovations are still going on
    .It sounds like there has been some progress, though

    ?Nevertheless, you work on your miniatures daily
    .That's wonderful. You are very dedicated

    .Your seashell boxes are lovely and flowers gorgeous
    .Hope you have a cozy weekend

    ,Hugs from Jemima, Hester, Fudge and me

  9. I'm so happy for you that the workers will be finished soon, the noise and the dirt they produce aren't very nice!
    I like your flowers and miniatures decorated with the famous sea shells, Drora, the recipients will be happy to receive these gift.
    Have a nice weekend, dear firend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Your seashell boxes are lovely Drora and the flower vases are very cheerful; the flowers in them make a very pretty arrangement.LIving :Dthrough renos is not fun but it sounds like the worst is over!

  11. Muy bonitas las cajas de conchas y las flores !!!!

  12. Your seashell boxes are amazing and flower vases decorated with seashelles are original. The metal vases with beautiful flowers are so refined.

  13. Hello, Drora! Hang on, soon the repair will end! I hope that you will meet the New Year in a clean renovated house. You are a very kind person when preparing gifts for your friends. Caskets with seashells, flower pots are adorable. Hugs, Julia

  14. Has hecho unos bonitos regalos Drora,espero que las obras vayan avanzando!

  15. Hello Drora I hope soon your house is fine again, Your flouwers are always fantastic

  16. Me encantan las cajitas!!