Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, September 12, 2016

Starting to look like stones

Hello dear readers,

I have been curving and shaping the walls.  Have finished the outdoors which already looks like stone walls.  I only have to paint them.

Remember the surfboards I made for my seaside camper? I used styrofoam market food trays to make them.  I thought the trays can also be good to practice on.  I saved the pieces to make a small fairy house for Moon.

Three trays were used to make these parts as only the middle parts of them are completely flat. But they are very good to practice on instead of the expensive polystyrene boards.

Now I'll be able to paint them same color as the walls for the fairy house.  I have plenty of time
to finish this project. Our next meeting is scheduled  for end October.

I wish you all a calm, productive week with nice autumn weather and my blessings.


  1. What a great idea Drora. I would never think to use styrofoam trays. They are perfect for shaping patterns into x

  2. Eso es un buen reciclaje de material. Gran idea, estoy deseando ver el final de ese trabajo. Besos

  3. Hello Drora,
    That is looking beautiful. You have really mastered the carving technique. I can't wait to see the cottage assembled.
    Big hug

  4. Привет Drora!
    Это замечательная идея! Я буду использовать лотки!
    Хорошей недели!

  5. it really looks like brick, thanks for sharing your techniques

    Marisa :)

  6. Bravo por el reciclaje y bravo por la ejecución,te está quedando perfecto!!!!

  7. Siiii! Yo he practicado alguna vez con las bandejas que nos enseñas :), pero no me ha quedado tan bien como a ti; esas paredes se ven espléndidas! Me da pena que termine el verano, Drora... Un beso

  8. Your brickwork looks amazing Drora. Thanks for the tip with the trays. Your ideas are so clever I would never have thought of using these. My to try list just got longer lol.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Very interesting! You're a great artist.

  10. Hello, Drora! I'm your new follower, read the blog and admire. Your ideas are wonderful!

  11. What a great tip... it's always good to get familiar with a new technique without ruining some expensive stuff. Your results look wonderful!


  12. Hi Drora,
    You have really mastered the carving.It looks just like real bricks!
    Thank you for visiting. So good to see you here, Drora. I knew you would agree, as many do. I know you must be a wonderful mom and grandma!

  13. !Drora, this looks like so much fun
    .I would love to try this technique