Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Christine's giveaway

Hello dear readers,

Last week wasn't very easy.  My husband's operation was postponed at the very last minute.  Maybe
it's for the best.  Our hospitals are full to the brim with people with influenza. Not very
safe to be there these days.

I missed the meeting with the miniaturists, but very few attended.  Only three  completed the
trailers.  There will be another meeting where photos of all the trailers will be taken.

On the other hand, some happy news.  I was the very lucky winner of Christine's giveaway which
arrived a few days ago, a boost to my low spirits.

A beautiful felted painting, "UNDER THE OAK TREE". Christine is a master felting, sculpting and painting artist.  I recommend a visit to her blog to
see the wonderful pieces she creates.

(I'm not sure if you can note in this photo my swollen, blue, frost bitten fingers.  This happens to me, in spite of wearing gloves and keeping the house warm, when the days are extremely cold.)

A few posts ago, I showed you photos of another wonderful giveaway I won
from Susi.  I am very happy to share with you the good news.  Susi's Record Shop won FIRST PRIZE in a very distinguished contest.  You can see details in her blog.

A warm welcome to my new followers, Nina , Ayla and Helen.  Thank you for following.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday  and a wonderful creative week ahead. Blessings!


  1. Terrible for you Drora the operation of your husband was delayed at the last minute. Congratulations on your beautiful artwork. If you get cold fingers despite being warm at home you probably have Raynaud's syndrome. I would advise you to go to the doctor. If you get cold fingers at a later age an autoimmune disease can be the cause.

    Kind regards Xandra

  2. Oh! Cómo suceden las cosas! Da rabia pero creo que es muy prudente retrasar la operación y no arriesgarse, Drora. Por el momento, ese regalo de Christine es un maravilloso consuelo, felicidades

  3. so sorry that your husband has to wait, your hands look so sore, I have Reynaud's and my hands go like that in the cold, I have to wear gloves sometimes indoors, see your doctor, you should not be suffering, well done on winning the picture, it is beautiful, take care , mini hugs xx

  4. Animo para tu marido, el regalo de Christine es muy hermoso! Un abrazo

  5. ,Drora

    .Thank you so much for the friendly shout-out
    .That is very kind of you

    .I also have trouble keeping warm in winter
    .I very often wear gloves when I work on the computer

    !Congratulations on winning those giveaways

    !I hope all goes well for your husband’s operation
    .My very best wishes to you both

    ,Kind regards

  6. Dear Dora,
    Stay safe and warm. I hope your husband gets what needs to be done soon. Take care !

  7. I'm so sorry that your husband has to wait for the operation.
    Congratulations for the winning.

  8. Siento el retraso de la operación , pero como dices si estás el brote de gripe no es el momento más favorable. Ánimo.Precioso regalo.Besos:-)

  9. que bonito ese cuadro de fieltro, te felicito

  10. I am sorry to hear that your husband has to wait and now you both have to go through the preparing and worry for longer. I hope all goes well soon. Your poor hands I am so sorry you are in pain I hope they get better soon. Congratulations on your fantastic win. The picture looks gorgeous.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Oh, Drora, so sorry to hear that the operation is postponed, I hope he will be helped soon.
    Congratulations on winning this beautiful painting of Christine, enjoy! Take care for yourself (and your hands too), dear friend.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  12. Si han pensado que era mejor posponerla pues no queda otra que esperar. A veces querer correr es peor, espero que pronto puedan hacersela y se recupere rapidamente :D.
    Es un cuadro precioso, menudo arte la persona que lo hizo.

  13. Hi Drora, hope your hands aren't too sore for working on your lovely mini's. And I wish your husband will be helped and get better soon.

  14. Precioso cuadro. Cuidaros mucho los dos.

  15. Las cosas pasan por algo, seguro que esperar es lo mejor.
    Un abrazo

  16. Un cuadro precioso. Espero que tu marido mejore.
    Un abrazo

  17. Hello Drora,
    I will be praying for your husband and hoping his surgery will not be postponed to long and that it will go well. Co9ngratulations on your lovely prize. It is gorgeous! Take care of your fingers.
    Big hug

  18. aqui tambien estamos en temporada de gripes ,hay que tener paciencia .
    muchas felicidades por ese precioso regalo



  19. Seguro que lo mejor es retrasar la intervención y evitar riesgos,es un fastidio,pero seguro que será para bien!!!
    El cuadro es muy bonito!!!

  20. Thank you, Drora! I´m so happy I could bring you a little light with the wool painting . Sometimes life isn´t very nice. Hope all goes well with your husband. Hugs, Christine

  21. Congrats on beautful win! Christine is a gifted Lady. :) Enjoy! Hugs

  22. Espero que operen pronto a tu marido y que se reponga lo más rápidamente posible. Felicidades por ese cuadro tan estupendo

  23. CASULAMENTE TE VÍ. Me ha gustado mucho tu espacio
    Un saludo.

  24. All my best to you and your family, I am sure your husband will be through the surgery and better before we know it even with this delay.

    Lovely gifts to enjoy in the downtime!

  25. Hi Drora! I am sorry to learn that your husband is ill and needing surgery but if the hospitals are full of viruses then I would agree with you that it is best postponed for now. Meanwhile , CONGRATULATIONS on winning 2 great giveaways. That would put a smile on my face too! :D


  26. My best wishes for your housband Drora, I hope he will recover soon as possible and the problems in hospitals dissapears. Congrats for these beautiful gifts, enjoy them. A big hug a lot of encouragechement

  27. You've got a wonderful Felt painting
    I hope it is well with your husband very much stress I think
    Strength for you two

  28. Le deseo lo mejor para su marido, quizás haya sido una buena decisión retrasar su operación y no correr riesgos innecesarios. Muy bonito el regalo de Christine, y desde luego esas cosas ayudan a levantar el ánimo.

  29. I'm sorry to hear your husband's surgery was postponed - it's always bad when something like this is lying in front a you like some kind of a threatening dark shadow. But on the other hand - with all the poor people with flu in hospital it might be for good to wait a little longer. I'm also sorry about your hands - get well soon. But it's great that your wonderful win arrived at the best of times - what a wonderful piece!


  30. Дорогая Drora!
    Мои мысли о вас и вашем муже! Я надеюсь, что все будет хорошо!Ваши подарки уникальны! Я поздравляю вас с победой!

  31. So sorry to hear about your husband's postponed operation! But as you said, it maybe a good thing! Also sorry for your hands/cold weather! I hope the weather will turn warm soon there! Lovely felted painting! Congrats on winning the prize. Hugs Kikka

  32. Hi Drora, sorry I'm again late on comments! I'm sorry to hear that the operation of your husband has been postponed, but as you say it is maybe safer this way... Congratulation on your lovely win! You seem to have caught a lucky wave :D Thank you so much for mentioning my win as well! Just a little correction, I've been one of the first time entrants winners, there are 4 other projects that have won the main prizes, which are really amazing. Thank you for sharing new followers. Hugs Susi :)