Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guarding the wands

Hello dear readers

We are approaching Halloween and still no sign of Baalatova the ancient witch.
Skella and Skelly are worried.  They sent out their cat Catiushka, Catty for short, to hear news. She came back telling them she heard rumors that
Baalatova is recuperating and on the way to full recovery. Poor Baalotova
is limping about with the aid of two new brooms.  The only trouble is
she lost her wand in the accident and cannot function without it.

Skella thought it was a good idea to send out Catty again to look for the wand. If she
finds it, they'll be able to gain some good points with Baalatova.

Catty who knew how important her mission was, enlisted friends to help her.  With joint
forces there'll be more chances to find the wand.

Here Catty and her friends  are deciding how to spread out.

Two friends came back with a wand.

Then, two more friends came back with a different wand.

And a third wand!!

Three wands?? Now which will be Baalatova's?  Big problem!!

Let's guard the wands until Skella and Skelly decide what to do.

Let's hope that at least one wand belongs to Baalatova.  The Skellies are so eager to become ghosts and believe the old witch will be able to help them.

Speaking of ghosts, here is a cute pair.  Thanks again to the friend who sent them to me.

After making the wands, I played a bit with making slippers from pigtail bands.  They came out
quite cute.

We are all happy the dust storm is behind us.  For 4 days we kept our windows shut so as little as
possible dust will enter.  It didn't help much.  It was a lost fight with dust which covered every
surface.  I do not remember a situation like this.  It is believed the last time it happened was 75 years ago.

Happy New Year to my friends who are celebrating and blessings to all of you.


  1. Oh, how cute slippers! ♥ And so are all other things you showed! Can't image a sand storm but I am glad it is over. :) -Have a great week Drora!

  2. Wow how wonderful miracles with the new wands! Love all your cats and kittens! The wands are beautiful! Cute slippers! Happy for the sand storm is over!

  3. Muy lindos la familia de gatos y sus zapatillas de pollitos perfecto el experimento. Me alegro que la tormenta se fuera, el tiempo está muy loco ,besos:-)

  4. I am glad your sand storm is over it must have been horrible sand in my food ugh :D. I love your wands they are a lot of fun to make.The little slippers are cute. Your cats are wonderful did you make them all? Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Tienes una familia de gatos encantadora y además se les da muy bien buscar varítas.Las zapatillas son preciosas

  6. Me alegro que la tormenta de arena haya pasado!!!!
    Esas varitas son preciosas!!! pero ahora Baalatova tendrá que decidir con cual de ellas quedarse....menudo problema!!!! Los lindos gatos hicieron muy bien su trabajo!!
    Las zapatillas te han quedado muy bonitas!!!
    Feliz año nuevo para ti y tu familia!!!!!

  7. Hi Drora! I see that I've missed a lot during my long absence, but I love your cat family and cute ghosts. The slippers are so cute to see with those duckies on top ;)! Happy for you that the sand storm is over!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Hello Drora,
    I am happy the storm is over...what a horrible mess that must have left behind.Also, happy belated new year, שנה טובה. I hope it will be a wonderful year for you and your family. The wands are beautiful and I do hope one belongs to her. The ghosts are great and I love the slippers. Great work my friend.
    Big hug,

  9. que lindos gatitos trabajadores ...

  10. I think it's terrible to be in a sandstorm for many days !!
    Luckily it ended !!
    The wands are fabulous and it is difficult to know what is the magic of Baalatova !!
    Also nice slippers; ))

  11. I'm glad the storm is over.
    The black cats are amazing and your wands are very magic. Beautiful gifts.

  12. Cute story, pretty wands, adorable slippers! So sorry to hear about the dust storm. I'm glad you're OK. It must have been bad for people with respiratory problems. Big, big hug, my friend! xo Jennifer

  13. Love the wands! I too hope one of them belongs to Baalatova. If not the Skellies won't be happy! The slippers are so cute! Good to read the dust storm is over and glad you all are all right. :) Hugs

  14. Дорогая Drora!
    С Новым годом! Благополучия и здоровья вам и вашей семье!
    Волшебные палочки замечательные!
    Я рада, что буря ушла! Этот год имел много погодных катаклизмов!

  15. Hi Drora! those tiny slippers are very cute! What a great idea to use those hair ties! I think the cats are wonderful helpers! I hope the witch is found soon.... Halloween is coming!

  16. Thanks for sharing.Oh how I love those tiny scary creature.

  17. How strange to think that you have had all that dust, and here we are having floods. They are calling it a 50 years flood, worst in 50 years. The weather on the planet really has become stranger and stranger. I love your little wands, they look magical. And those little hairband slippers, wow, I would never have thought of that! How fun! Take care, blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  18. Buenos dias Drora!! Siento lo de la tormenta de polvo, que situación más complicada. Estas miniaturas son preciosas y las zapatillas me encantan!! Un abrazo muy fuerte!!

  19. What a fun post... I really love your witchy stories with Skelly and Skella and I can't wait to meet Baalatova. Poor old witch having to use two brooms now for limping! But I'm glad the cats are so helpful, they did a good job searching and guarding the wands. They are beautiful and I'm sure one of them will be the right one... and the others might be useful for the two boney darlings who want to become ghosts - hopefully as cute ghosts as the ones you received. Your cat parade is wonderful and I hope we are going to see more of Catty and her black furred friends (My first thought was: What is Nevermore doing there in Drora's post??? *LOL* And my second was if it may be that I've met Catty in another of her nine lives before... *grin*) Not to forget - your slippers turned out really cute and I'm glad to hear you've made it through the sand storm. Happy New Year to you!


  20. Hi Drora! your blach cats are adorable! wands and slippers too, well done! A warm hugs! Magda

  21. Una tormenta de arena no tiene que ser nada agradable, pero ya paso el susto.
    Los gatitos lindisimos y esas zapatillas muy monas.
    Un abrazo

  22. I am excited to read what happens next. I love the slippers too.