Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Guarding the wands (contd.)

Hello dear readers,
Leona (The big cat)  and Felina her younger sister are on their way to notify
Skella and Skelly about their finds.

Catty and her little friends stayed behind on guard.

Suddenly Leona beheld  something that looked like a tree branch.  Both cats approached it
and looking closely saw that it too was a wand, not bright and colorful like the other wands but a magic wand.  This was really amazing but lol how perplexing.

As they were pondering what to do, two snakes arrived saying that the wand was theirs. They were
the first to find it on the top of a tree.

Big problem.  What if this was the one Baalatova lost!  We'll have to wait to find out soon.

The dust (Polvo not sand) storm is thankfully behind us.  There was much cleaning to do indoors
and outdoors. Miniatures were the first to get  dirty dust covered.

About the little slippers.  I cannot take credit for the idea of using the hairbands to make them.  I can
only tell you how I created the tiny duck heads.  I used felt fabric for the soles and felted the heads from the same material by pulling out of it wool and rolling it into little balls.  Same for the eyes
and for the beak using wool pulled out of black and orange felt fabric.  Very easy to glue together.  I also tried making slippers from pipe cleaners (also not my original idea). I prefer the ones from the hair bands although the pipe cleaners slippers are also cute.

The slippers will be easy to make for the ladies at the center.  The straw chairs and baskets were a big hit and sold well, mostly to the people at the center who needed gifts to bring to their grandchildren during the holidays. I am now on holidays from the center and will get back there in October. Meantime I'm on the look out for easy to make miniatures for them.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday and blessings



  1. I love your new wand and the cats are amazing. The slippers are so cute. Thanks for sharing how too.You will probably be still finding dust in strange places next week lol I am sure you are very glad that it is over. I am looking forward to seeing what ideas you get for your ladies.
    Hugs and take care

  2. Wonder how the story will continue? Can't wait to read more. Hope you will find a lot of easy turtorials for your Ladies to enjoy. :) Have a great Sunday and the week ahead! Hugs

  3. Hi Drora! This new wand looks wonderful, a bit scary with those snakes since I don't like this creepy animals ;)! But I love to read these kind of stories, so thank you for sharing them with us.
    How nice that you're still searching for new ideas for making miniatures together with the ladies of the center. These slippers are a wonderful project to make with them together, I'm looking forward to see more of your ideas :)!
    Wishing you a lovely and cosy Sunday and a great week. Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. The sleepers are really cute. A dust storm must be very upsetting.

  5. The new wand looks fantastic and cats are so cute. The sleepers are perfect and easy to make for the ladies of the centre, great idea.

  6. Silly me - I thought Catty was the biggest one... forgive me, Leona! Looks like things are getting more and more complicated in the witch cat world with another wand to guard... and to deal with hissing snakes claiming it to be theirs... *gulp* I wouldn't like to argue with snakes - but the cats have to be brave because this might be the right wand, it looks very magical (wonderful job!). - Great to hear the items you've already made with your "old ladies" were a success and sold well. The slippers will be fun and I'm looking forward to see your new ideas for for this wonderful project.


  7. Привет Drora!
    Кому принадлежит эта палочка? Мне очень страшно! Я боюсь змей...
    Ваши тапочки -утята, очень милые!
    Вы всегда имеет очень много идей!
    Хорошей недели!

  8. Muy divertida la historia de los gatos y la varita mágica.
    las zapatillas son encantadoras.
    Un abrazo

  9. Cute story! The slippers are adorable! xo Jennifer

  10. Hello Drora,
    I look forward to seeing the rest of the story. I am glad the storm is over.
    Big hug

  11. Hi! Your wands look so amazing! And the slippers are very cute! The cats are also adorable!

  12. Estupenda historia de la varita mágica y los gatos. Las zapatillas de los patitos son una monada

  13. These are too cute! Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful week!
    Pei Li

  14. Love the snakes, not real life snakes, but the ones in this post :). The wand is very unusual, perfect tool for a little witch. I made a snake for my cottage garden last week. It will be hiding out behind the shed. It is a "Hoggorm" a Viper. Pam in Norway xx

  15. Scary scene! Even fake snakes creep me out. But I love the kitties! I hate dust storms. We have some here in Texas. It's such a mess!