Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New meeting between the local miniaturists

Hello dear readers,

Today is going to be a long post.  The meeting, as expected was exciting and very happy. It was held at Goldies home.  Besides being a great artist and teacher, Goldie is a wonderful, generous hostess.
We spent a lovely time working together. Here are some photos of the result.

Vanity chairs and metal chairs.  Goldie taught us how to create the vanity chairs.  We made
one each.  Not all of them shown here.

Sarit taught us how to create the metal chair without the use of soldering.  You can see one
in the first photo.  I must confess this one is a little tricky.  I hope to be able to finish mine here at home.

Here we are deep in work

You have seen many photos of Goldie's work in my previous posts.  Here are two I particularly love and the third is her latest scene in a lamp, discarded by a friend.

This is a very impressive magazine stand in a lamp.

And of course, there were swaps.  Mine are two very pretty hand made bags with two pairs of
doll's shoes.

One of the girls brought along minis she no longer had use for and we each picked up items we
wanted.  I chose kitchen furniture. Lucky me!

All these pieces of furniture will need painting over.  I do not like the color but
they are nicely made with opening doors and sliding drawers and it will be worth
the trouble.  I love the table.

It is incredible hot in Israel.  The air conditioners in our home are on day and night.  I go out only if it's absolutely necessary. I hope you, my dear readers, enjoy better summer days.

Blessings to you all


  1. It is awful hot over here too! You had a great meetig! I love all of the chairs - which one is yours by the way? And the scenes are charming. The magazine stand is awesome! You got some great pieces too. :) Can't wait to see ho you will use them and paint these two too. :) Hugs

  2. ¡Que maravilla de reunión! los trabajos preciosos , con los muebles, tienes que estar muy contenta, .El verano también es muy caluroso, la ventaja que tenemos son las noches, refresca y se duerme muy bien . besos:-)

  3. Complimenti Bellissimi lavori.
    Le poltroncine e le sedie sono favolose!!

  4. Hi Drora! Pretty chairs! You were lucky to get such lovely bads and shoes! How many shoes you have now? And the kitchen set is beautiful!
    The magazine stand is very impressive!

  5. Looks like you ladies had loads of fun... and I am kind of jealous for someone owning a table as big and loooooooooong as this offering so much space for crafters and all their stuff... eh... craft items right at hand that's what I wanted to say. *grin* You've made some wonderful chairs and like Ewa I hope we get to know which one is yours. Your swap items are so lovely and the furniture a very good pick with so much potential. And about Goldie's scenes - this lady is very talented indeed and that magazine shop in the lamp is awesome.


  6. Hello Drora! What a great meeting you had! You made beautiful chairs. I'd live to learn how you made them. Your swap gifts are really pretty. And your new kitchen furniture too. -I wish you a cooler days and nights. Today we finally had a sunny and warn day. Hugs, piikko

  7. What a wonderful group of miniaturists you have found, Drora! Your swaps and gifts are fantastic, and I love the chairs you all made. It has been very hot here this summer too. Stay cool and hydrated, my friend! xo Jennifer


  8. Que hermosa reunión Drora, se ve que lo pasasteis muy bien, de lo que me alegro mucho. Las sillas son una monada, tantos las vestidas como las de hierro y los regalitos preciosos la mesa de cocina me encanta!!
    Espero que pronto deje de hacer tanta calor, aquí en España también tenemos un verano muy caliente.

  9. Me encantan esas sillas tapizadas, son preciosas.
    Felicidades por esos regalos y por lo bien que lo habeis pasado...

  10. It looks like you all had a fantastic time what fun :) All the chairs are amazing and are very pretty. Goldies work is gorgeous. I love the magazine stand. The kitchen furniture is great and will take paint well. Beautiful bags and shoes. Here it is raining most days and rather cool :( disappointing summer
    Hugs Maria

  11. Hola mi querida Droga, sabía que tu seguiría aquí, gracias por estar.
    Me he perdido muchas cosas en todo éste tiempo, pero veo que tus maravillas siguen enamorando me.
    Mil besos...Julia

  12. Hello Drora,
    What a terrific post. The chairs you lovely ladies made are beautiful. What fun you must of had. Great kitchen furniture you got, I can't wait to see it transformed.
    Big hug,

  13. Hi Drora, it looks as if you are all having a lot of fun. I bet it is wonderful to share experiences with other miniaturists. Hope the weather cools down for you soon

  14. Great chairs! You also got wonderful new miniatures

  15. A great meeting! The chairs are amazing. Your swap item and gifts are wonderful and I have the same kitchen furniture, but pine color; I've painted white. Goldies work is beautiful.

  16. Que reunión tan estupenda, buenos trabajos y unos intercambios preciosos de recuerdo de las amigas.
    Un abrazo

  17. Looks like a very fun time! The miniatures are very impressive too :)

  18. We have had the coldest summer in a long while here.. we could need some of your heat =) But this week we actually saw the sun several days in a row =)
    Your miniature group meeting always looks so much fun!! Hannah