Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All About Skeletons and Ghosts

Hello dear readers,

In my previous post you read about the Skellies' plans to visit the newly built fantasy house.

Skella:  Oh my, is this the house?  So small? How on earth will it be possible for us to enter?

Skelly:   Don't be so disappointed my dear. For the time being, it will be enough to take a peek.

Skella:   Have you noticed, dear, it's already invaded by ghosts.  Rumors travel around too quickly.

Skelly:  You are right.  Maybe they are just as curious as we are.  After all  there is nothing to haunt here.  The house is new, no living soul, except for the  black cat who is more scaring then scared and almost no furniture.  A good house to haunt should be at least a century old.

Skella:   I wonder if  we shrink when we become ghosts.

Skelly:   Ghosts, like skeletons, come in different sizes.  They're boneless and can adjust themselves to match the size of the house they haunt.

Skelly:   Since we're already here, let's have fun and climb up.

Skella:   What are we doing up here?

Skelly:   I have a confession to make.  I always wanted to be a fiddler on a roof.  This, even without the fiddle, feels like a wish comes true.

Skella:    I  long for the day I'll become a ghost. (deep sigh)

Skelly:   So much to look forward to.  (deep sigh)

To be continued, a century later.  ( Or next year?)  Let's look forward to see what this living-happily-forever- after pair will be up to.

Dear readers,  I had fun making up this nonsense but please
excuse my struggling English.  Happy soon coming Halloween.

Now it's time to get busy with the Christmas decorations as well as creating more furniture for the almost empty house.

Hugs to you all and blessings


  1. Una preciosa casa gotica y una muy entretenida aventura de esa pareja de esqueletos.


  2. Quelle aventure,c'est trop drôle!!!!!

  3. Ha quedado muy simpática y sus inquilinos parecen disfrutarlo. Todos menos el gato :D
    Un abrazo

  4. Querida Drora, tanto Skella como Skelly serán muy felices en ese maravilloso hogar y tendrán un gran y divertido futuro.

  5. Hello Drora,
    I loved it! It was a really fun story. I do hope you'll make more. I do feel bad for the skeletons and hope they find a nice old place to haunt. That house is beautiful and does look a bit too new to be haunted ;)
    Big hug,

  6. So much fun. Your house is beautiful. I like the ghost. X

  7. This is a fun story! I also like the pictures.

  8. I hope there is ging to be a next chapter! :) Can't wait to see your Christmas decorations. :) Hugs

  9. I loved your funny story :D I sure hope we see more of these two.Your house looks great I cant wait to see your Christmas decorations.
    Hugs Maria

  10. It was really a fun story.

  11. Cute story, Drora! Your house looks beautiful, and I can hardly wait to see the furniture you make for it. xo Jennifer

  12. Me ha encantado tu historia Drora,es simpática y divertida!!

  13. Qué bien me lo paso con tus historias!!! No cambies nunca Drora, eres genial!!

  14. Very beautiful house, Drora! I love Halloween theme and it was a real pleasure for me to read your post! Hugs

  15. I know what you mean... telling stories in English isn't easy - but no struggling on your side, this tale of skeletons and ghosts and a haunted mansion that is too new to be haunted was fantastic. I really hope that we will see Skelly and Skella again real soon, hopefully before or at Halloween - this century (*grin*), this year and this month!!! Pleeeeeeeease... Skelly is so great as fiddler on the roof. And I'm really looking forward to seeing your beautiful house all dressed up for Christmas.


  16. Oh, Drora, Skelly and Skella look so sweet when sitting on the roof. I can hear their sighs...and sounds of their bones when they are hugging. <3 I hope they'll soon find home for themself. Hugs, piikko

  17. The Skellies look great like how they are sitting on the roof, Drora, funny story :D! Your house looks wonderful! Yes, I agree with you that telling stories in English is very hard to do, especially if you want love to use some humor in it, that's very difficult for me, but I like a bit of joking ;)! Hugs, Ilona

  18. Dear Drora, what a lovely story and the pictures are great !!
    I also do not find it easy telling stories in English, it is much easier in our own language :)

    Hugs Mieke xxxIt is a wonderful Halloween scene with Skelly, Skella and all the Ghosts

  19. Dit is wel een hele bijzondere scene Drora

    Lieve groeten Xandra

  20. Oh your lovely house is perfect for the season, new houses get creaks and pops so they can be spooky also!

    A wonderfuly haunted tale!

  21. A house chilling !!! Congratulations, is very beautiful,

  22. Hi Drora! The Skellies have found a lovely house to hang around! I wonder how
    long it takes for a skeleton to become a ghost?

  23. Que entrada tan simpática, bueno los esqueletos se ven que estan muy agusto sobre el tejado de esa preciosa casa. Besos Isabel

  24. Una historia muy divertida en una casa preciosa!! Un abrazo muy fuerte!!

  25. Halloween is so much fun. Its a time to be creative with spookiness. Your English is great! Loved your story. Mini smiles, Conny

  26. Привет Drora!
    Какой замечательный и трогательный рассказ! Ваш дом с привидениями очень хорошо смотрится!

  27. Fabulous story Drora. I look forward to seeing what you do for Christmas. I love Christmas things.

  28. Nice story and pictures, and the house is great! Hannah

  29. Love the halloween house and story! :)