Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Protecting a miniature scene from dust

Hello dear readers,

I am always looking for  solutions for how to protect my miniatures from dust.  Where I live this is
a big problem.  Simona's two houses were my first worry.  So instead of working on the fantasy
house furniture I worked on covering the houses.

I cut 2 cms strips from 0.5 cm foam board to make frames.  16 strips for each house.

The frame is made from foam board 5 mm (1/4") and will be covered on 5 sides, walls and ceiling,
with  transparent acetate leaving the bottom free.  It doesn't weight much but covers the house
completely. It rather looks like an aquarium (fish tank).

I already bought large sheets of acetate to be cut and glued inside the frames.  I made an experiment
with a small piece and the acetate sticks firmly to the foam board.

The fantasy house, but for the interior decoration and a bit of landscaping, is finished.  Here is
how it will look inside the protecting frame.

From our days abroad, we brought back a "Lazy Susan" ( rotating table.)  It is large enough to
hold the fantasy house and can be easily rotated to show all sides of the house.

I have trouble again reaching you blogs.  I hope this will be solved soon.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Blessings!


  1. Muy buena idea, Drora.
    El problema del polvo lo tenemos todas y esa es una solución fácil y asequible que permite ver la casa sin dejarla expuesta.
    Un abrazo

  2. What a great idea... and how funny - when I saw your the first pictures of your "dust protectors" I was thinking "A rotation table would be great" *LOL* Very clever and this way the perfect solution. And again it was so much fun to see those little houses, they're beautiful. And about blogger and especially the reading list - you're not alone... ;O)


  3. I think about dust also. I think this is a great idea!

  4. The houses look fantastic inside their protective case! The houses are beautiful and l love the little circular table. Pam x

  5. Una gran idea, las miniaturas son preciosas pero el polvo es nuestro mayor enemigo. Tú lo has solucionado muy bien.

  6. I have same problem here. Good idea. Hugs, Melli

  7. Una buena idea. Lo de la mesa giratoria está muy bien.

  8. Oh yes that blogger!! I hate it lately quite often.:) The idea how to protect your minis from dust is great! I should do the same with mine.:) Hugs

  9. What an excellent idea for dust protection! Thankyou for showing. Blogger is very unreliable, very frustrating. Try Bloglovin for reading your blogs, you add your favourite blogs and and it doesn't ever seem to have failures. There is a free app for ipad that works beautifully, the photos come out quite large. I also use Feedreader, it is like Googlereader used to be, if one reader breaks down I can still read all of my favourite blogs and not miss out

  10. Una excelente idea.


  11. Una gran ides,la casa queda perfectamente protegida!!!
    Buen fin de semana!!!!

  12. yo tengo la misma obsesión con el polvo...

  13. Good idea Drora to protect against dust and hands that want to handle your beautiful dollhouses

    Kind regards Xandra

  14. Una solución estupenda y además quedan muy protegidas. Gracias por compartir la idea. Besos

  15. What a great idea to protect your tiny treasures against the dust, Drora! Yes, dust is our biggest enemy, I guess ;)! I've hang some curtains around my big canal house to protect it against the dust....
    I wouldn't have thought about a rotation table, but it is a great find that you can see the houses from every side and they're still covered well, thank you for sharing!
    Hugs, Ilona
    PS My readers list is also vanished again, but now, after two days, it suddenly returned back, so you're not the only one who has this problem. I've read it on more blogs, now I am able to visit blogs again!

  16. Hi Drora,
    That is a wonderful idea to protect miniature scenes. Dust can be an issue, and these delicate pieces can be troublesome to dust and clean. I like your idea of avoiding the issue! Hope the blog viewing issues are solved soon.

  17. This is a fantastic idea! I think the best part is how light weight the pieces are, making them very portable. The houses look great in them too. xo

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  19. Una idea fantástica, así la tienes muy bien protegida,besos:-)

  20. Dear Drora, what a fabulous way off protecting your houses against the dust and the houses look wonderful underneath :)
    My readerslist is also vanished :(
    Have a great sunda evening and a sunny week :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  21. Looks very good and is so practical. I am making a Christmas shadow box at .the moment and covering the front with acetate sheet for the same reason These little houses look so attractive. Mini hugs, Carol

  22. A light frame like that sounds like a great idea! And it looks good too, great to be able to keep out the dust! Thanks for sharing! Hannah

  23. A simple but very effective idea and looks very stylish!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  24. How well I know that dust is a problem. What you do is a good idea to protect dollhouses.

  25. Great idea to cover the houses and protect them from dust, Drora! All my houses are dusty right now, so I understand. :-) Both houses are gorgeous. You've done a superb job of finishing them! xo Jennifer

  26. It's a good idea!
    I like these house.

  27. A great idea for your great work to protect against dust!
    I have read some of the blogger again causes problems, but for me everything is okay so far ... until now!

  28. Да, пыль это самый страшный враг!!! Вы сделали очень интересный проект! Жаль, что у нас не продаются такие материалы...
    Я люблю ваш маленький домик. Я купила вазу ! Стеклянный кубик. Ваш домик стоит под этой вазой! Очень хорошо спрятан от пыли!

  29. This is a great idea. I love how it is not heavy. Your mini houses are so cute and lovely. Mini Smiles.

  30. Fantastic idea, the powder is also a problem for me that I live in the countryside, thanks for having shared!

  31. Hi Drora. From the pic you sent me i knew about the fantastic boxes that you were making, but i hadn't seen that you added some red to the house which looks absolutely great!! Well done in adding that color...It really gives another dimension to the house. Well done for the house and the boxes...The houses look more "important" inside those boxes. Big hug!