Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, March 17, 2014

A frog teapot tutorial

This is very easy to make.  You'll need

A green bead or a green ball of green polymer clay.  A tiny piece of white clay and a tiny piece of black clay.  I used Fimo.

Stick one circle of clay under the bead to steady it and the other circle on top of the bead to form the cover of the pot.

Make the eyes using the two small green balls.  Press a little dent in the middle of the small green balls.

Install tiny white balls in the dents.

Stick tiny black balls on the white balls.

Flatten a little the other two little green balls. With a knife make two cuts in each and
stick them to the bottom of the bead. (These make the feet)

Now make the nozzle as seen in the photo bellow.

Stick nozzle to the bead.

Stick eyes to cover.  (Stick them close together, as seen in the next photo)

Add handle, bake and glaze.  That's all.

Hope the photos speak for themselves because my English is too poor for better explanation.

I was very lucky to win Rosella's birthday giveaway. A precious little cushion.  It arrived when I was too
ill to take photos and post about it but I did let Rosella know that it was safe in my hands.
I'll have to show you Rosella's photo, because right now I am frustratedly looking for it.  I know it's safe
somewhere close.  There is a word we use a lot in Hebrew, BALAGAN which means a messy
chaos.  This is what my work table looks right now.  I haven't gained enough courage to start tidying it and cannot let anyone else to this job for me.

A warm welcome to Marian. Thank you for following.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers


  1. me di cuenta hoy que hace mucho tiempo que no entraba en su blog y es que últimamente no tengo mucho tiempo para nada, así que le di un buen repaso a todas las entradas que me perdí me encanta la tetera con forma de rana y la de conejo es adorable
    prometo no tardar tanto en regresar
    un abrazo

    מיר די קוענטאַ הוי קיו האַסע מוטשאָ טיעמפּאָ קיו קיין ענטראַבאַ ען סו בלאָג י עס קיו úלטימאַמענטע קיין טענגאָ מוטשאָ טיעמפּאָ פֿאַר nada, asi קיו לאַ די און בוען רעפּאַסאָ אַ טאָדאַס לאַס ענטראַדאַס קיו מיר פּערדí מיר ענקאַנטאַ לאַ טעטעראַ קאַן פאָרמאַ דע ראַנאַ י לאַ דע קאָנעדזשאָ עס טייַער
    פּראָמעטאָ קיין טאַרדאַר טאַנטאָ ען רעגרעסאַר
    און אַבראַזאָ

    I realized today that long time since I entered his blog ago and I do not have much time for anything lately, so I gave him a good look at all the entries I missed I love the teapot shape of a frog and the rabbit is adorable
    I promise not to take so long to return
    a hug

  2. Hallo Drora, danke für das tolle Tutorial. Die Teekanne ist allerliebst. Liebe Grüße Britta

  3. Thank you for thebturtorial Drora! I am stull sooo bad with working with any kind of clay(fimo included.:) Congrats on wining this charming cushion! Hugs

  4. A wonderful tutorial on the cutest teapot ever its so perfect I love his little eyes!

  5. Muchas gracias por esas instructivas fotos.

  6. Thank you very much for this well explained and clear tutorial! And congrats on winnig this lovely cushion - what a nice piece. And thank you too for giving me a deep sigh of relief - I'm not alone! Yeah! I'm not the only one who needs a lot of courage for starting to clean up my messy work table! Great!!!


  7. Dear Drora, Thank you so much for the fantastic frog teapot tutorial! It is so cute! Congratulations on your wonderful win from Rosella! The pillow is perfect for you, one who loves the color blue and makes darling teapots! Enjoy your special prize, and good luck with the BALAGAN. I know you will be able to tackle it over time. xo Jennifer

  8. Great tutorial! Your frog teapost ia amazing.
    The cushion from Rosella is wonderful.

  9. this is a great tutorial!!! thank you
    Marisa :)

  10. Gracias por el tutorial.


  11. Dearest Drora, thank you for sharing this tea pot tut, it is great! Congratulations on winning this lovely cushion, enjoy it! Like Birgit I won't show you my mess, I think it would surprise you to see it ;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona
    PS Is the bead a glass bead, because I think you can't bake a plastic bead?

    1. The green bead I used here is glass but plastic beads are even better. I used rose plastic beads for teapots in my previous post and the results are the same.

  12. Me gustó esa tetera en cuanto la vi, por eso te doy las gracias por el tutorial para ver si me animo a hacer una igual.
    te felicito por el premio de Rosella y ánimo con la mesa de trabajo.
    Un abrazo

  13. Drora, I just love this tutorial! The eyes are perfect and your pictures are so clear and detailed. Thank you, my friend.

  14. So cute pot Drora, thank you very much for this tutorial!! And congratulations for winning that giveaway, you deserve it, enjoy! A big hug

  15. Congratulations on winning this beautiful prize. Thank you for the fantastic tutorial I love your teapots.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Grazie per il tutorial, deliziosa teiera!E complimenti per il premio.
    Un abbraccio. Manu

  17. That's such a perfect tutorial. You explained it very clearly. And your English is perfect too. I didn't even realize English was not your first language. I love that teapot. And that little pillow is sweet!

  18. I so understand what you mean by messy chaos. That is my craftroom at the moment. Thank you very much for sharing your cute frog tea pot tutorial.

  19. Muchas gracias por el tutorial de la simpática tetera!!!!
    El cojín es precioso!!!!!!

  20. Me encanta el tutorial de la tetera es fantástico. y el cojín es una verdadera cucada

  21. un tutorial muy facil de seguir , muchas gracias por tu generosidad, ese cojin es precioso,
    creo que el caos en las mesas de trabajo en nuestro mundillo es mas que habitual,



  22. Dear Drora:I know what you mean by messy room! That is how it looks in my workarea at the moment. Thank you very much for sharing the cute frog tea pot tutorial

  23. Your teapots are so very wonderfully and beautiful. Thanks for showing how, something that I must tried one day. Congratulations on the beautiful cushion.

  24. El cojin es una monada Drora, felicidades por haberlo ganado y la tetera es super simpática y se ve fácil de hacer. Gracias por compartirlo. Besos

  25. what kind of bead was it that you can bake? your Engish is great!!

  26. Bellissima la teiera!!! grazie per averci mostrato come poterla realizzare.

  27. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! It looks very easy if you make it, but I am not sure if it looks so easy if I make it *lol*
    My daughter likes to try to make such a teapot für her witch doll house. Thanks for showing!

  28. Hi Drora! what a sweet work, I really like your green teapot. Big hugs, Magda

  29. Congratulations on your win Drora!! The cushion from Rosella is too cute!! Thanks a million for the tutorial too! That teapot is absolutely lovely!! Don't worry too much about your Balagan!!! Everytime I work my desk becames a complete Balagan but then I committed myself in clearing out everything as soon as I finish my work otherwise the Balagan would be crazy!!! :) Take your time anyway.....it's your work space and you can keep it as you like!!!

  30. Дорогая Drora!
    Спасибо за такой прекрасный урок!
    Ваши чайники великолепны!

  31. I love the teapot, thanks for sharing!!