Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th June giveaway participants

Tomorrow, we leave for Tiberius where we'll be spending 2 days by the Lake of Galilee.  We'll be celebrating an early birthday and wedding anniversary together with our two daughters and their families.
It's almost  the best time of the year to visit the north part of Israel.  Later on it will be too hot .

I am leaving a list of participants in the order of comments for you to check up if you are in.  There are still a few days left  to join in before the draw.

1.   Yam Yam
2.   Eliana
3.   Mieke
4.   Isabel
5.   Emanuela
6.   Wyrna
7.   Contar
8.   Ewa
9.   Tatiana
10.  Ana (Mucuy)
11.  Mari
12.  Virginia Isabel
13.  Susanna
14.  Daria
15.  Fabiola
16.  Kim
17.  Giac
18.  Micaela
19.  Birgit
20.  Maria Ireland
21.  Jennifer
22.  Melli
23  Xandra
24.  Ruth
25.  Carol
26.  Lotte
27.  Lil
28.  Ludmila
29.  Patrizia
30.  Maribel
31.  Caroline
32. Linda
33.  Hannah
34.  Doortje
35.  Eva Talamaru
36.  Maria Luisa
37.  Evelyne
38.  Kyle
39.  Xandra Dekker
40.  Kez
41.  Keelin
42.  Magda
43.  Sognatrice
44. Isabel Garcia Gonzales
45.  Naran
46.  Irina
47.  Adela
48. Anna AA
49. Malu 2
50.  Indy
51.  Mely
52.  Debbie
53.  Carmen (Pekevasion)
54.  Britt
55.  Maria Jesus
56.  Beis
57.  Anna - (Mikroprag.)
58.  Natalia
59.  Madame Lepola
60.  Melli- Pippibar
61.  Rosella
62.  Marisa
63.  Yolanda Moran
64.  Ascension
65.  Elena
66.  Teruka
67.  Rosa Margarita
68.  Figurettes
69.  Bridget
70.  Susan Korman
7l.   Begona
72.  Lily
73.  Shpulka
74.  Carmen Hadanet
75.  Britta
76.  Angeles (Mini Nubes)
77.  Audra
78.  Muriel
79.  Julia
80.  Ilona
81.  Maureen (Modernist Molly)
82.  Melli's Hobby
83.  Maria Angeles
84.  Francesca
85.  Chris (P's)

When I get back, I'll show you what gorgeous gifts from wonderful friends, already arrived.

Blessings my dear friends


  1. Me too, me too :), please count me in,it`s a wonderful giveaway. Hope you have a lovely time by the Lake of Galilee. And I hope you will show pictures from that area. Happy anniversary and wish that you also have a great birthday party. Mona

  2. Have a great time there with your family - I bet you'll bring home some more tiny shell, won't you?


  3. Yo también me apunto,me he despistado y no lo hice antes,casi no llego a tiempo jejej,besitos

  4. Good news! Have a great day out and a great celebration. =)

  5. Hope you have a nice trip. You have great events to celebrate together.

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  6. Io ci sono! Goditi questi giorni di vacanza Drora, noi ti aspettiamo!

  7. Наслаждайтесь и получайте подарки!

  8. Hello Drora

    In advance congratulations on the birthday and wedding anniversary

    I wish you and the family a nice time

    You give-away looks beautiful

    Dear greetings from Xandra

  9. It sounds nice, I wish you all a wonderful trip.

  10. Dear Dora, congratulations your wedding anniversary <3 which in turn is? I am with my husband already 23, 5 years :) have a nice holidays! hugs, Magda

  11. Have a wonderful trip. Hope you take your camera with you. to show us pictures. :-)
    I have given up on participating in give away's ... lol. Christine

  12. I think I forgot to comment but I want to join in too! have a wonderful vacation

    hugs Marisa

  13. Have a great time, Drora! xo Jennifer

  14. Hello Drora,
    Enjoy the little holiday!
    Big hug,

  15. Que tengas un buen viaje y disfrutes mucho. Ya nos contarás cuando regreses. U beso-

  16. Dear Drora, enjoy your time with your family :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  17. Have a wonderful time. Wishing you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary and you a very Happy Birthday
    Hugs Maria.

  18. Que pases unos dias muy felices. Gracias por avisar del sorteo., creo que no me había apuntado. Un saludo, Eva

  19. Hola Drora, deseo que lo pases muy bien con tu familia estos días, disfrutad mucho, estar todos juntos en los cumpleaños es maravilloso. Espero impaciente el día del sorteo. Besitos

  20. Espero que estos dos días de vacaciones hayan sido de descanso y felicidad con tu familia,felicidades por el cumpleaños y el aniversario!!!!!

  21. I hope you´ll have a great time with your family! Enjoy it!
    Hugs Melli

  22. Ups, casi me lo pierdo! me encantaráparticipar, besos y buen viaje,

  23. Hola Drora, disfruta de las vacaciones, Un abrazo, Arantza.

  24. Dear Drora, You have such a wonderful giveaway, please count me in, if there is still time.

  25. I have JUST received my prize today (yes, it took a while, but that's normal here...) and I LOVE all the items! So perfect and precious, they look even better in person!!!

    Thank you so much Drora, you rock!!! :)