Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, July 27, 2012

Surprise gifts from Carmen

This can only happen in blogland.  Today, as I sat down to read my email, the bell, at the entrance to our apartments building rang.  It was the post lady, telling me that she left a note for me in my post box downstairs, to pick up a registered parcel at the post office.  She did not know which country it came from.  At that same time I was reading an email from Carmen - http://pekevasion.blogspot.co.il, informing me that she received a surprise parcel from me and that she also sent a surprise parcel to me weeks ago and was warried why it did not reach me yet.  I immediately went to pick up my parcel and sure enough it was from Carmen.

We surprised each other and received our surprise on the same day!

 I am so excited and thrilled.  I hope I was able to get good photos.

These old tins and cans are so perfectly made that you hardly can tell they are minis.
A cool jelly dessert, exactly right for a hot day like the one we are having. Tiny shells from the atlantic ocean in a beautifully sealed jar,  another jar with a tiny flower inside and these beautiful carnations.
Beautiful set of plates.
Gorgeous plates for wall decoration.

I, some weeks ago,  approached Carmen and asked her if there is a possibility that we make a swap.
Carmen agreed but we left it for later on.   Carmen knew what I was interested in but I had to guess what she'd like. I got Carmen's address from a mutual friend.  I hope Carmen is, at least,  half as pleased with my gifts as I am delighted with hers.


We leave on vacation for several days.  No minis for at least a week, but I shall be following your blogs and receive email and there will be someone to collect mail.  It's just too hot in town and we need a breath of fresh air.

The shed itself is almost finished.  I'll be able to show you what was done when I'm back.  It was a lot of hard work.  Cutting a large quantity of wood isn't exactly my cup of tea, especially not on hot days.

A warm welcome to one new follower and thank your for following

Angela - http://angelartistis.blogspot.co.il

Blessings to all


  1. Vaya sorpresa Drora! Aon unos regalos fabulosos, Carmen es una artista y muy generosa.

  2. Congratulations Drora your gifts from Carmen are gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have a few wonderful items from her. I cant wait to see what you sent her I know they will be wonderful. Have a fantastic week relax and enjoy my friend.
    Hugs Maria

  3. menuda coordinacion la vuestra, seguro que a Carmen le gustaran tanto tus regalos como a ti los suyos , disfrutalos



  4. I too love these tins and cans! What a fantastic surprise! Enjoy your vacation Drora!:)Hugs

  5. Carmen is a real artist, just as you are, Drora! It sounds like a special miniaturists link you both had, that your gifts arrived as surprises to both of you. Congratulations on such beautiful minis. I love Carmen's tins and cans so much too, and her flowers and plates. You are one lucky woman! I can't wait to see the treasures you sent Carmen. Enjoy your break from the heat. We'll see you soon. xo Jennifer

  6. Que sorpresa Drora, son unos regalos estupendos, disfrútalos!!! Un beso

  7. Que regalos más preciosos Drora ♥ ¡Te los mereces!!!!
    Un besito

  8. Congrats Drora, what a beautiful gift! Carmen is a good friend and very generous.
    Enjoy your lovely gift. ;)

  9. disfrútalos, y disfruta tus vacaciones...

  10. Such beautiful gifts from Carmen! Congratulations, Drora!

  11. Wat een prachtige miniaturen

    Vooral de borden vind ik erg mooi

    Fijne vakantie en groet


  12. Son unas minis preciosas. Felicidades

  13. Hi Drora,
    Your gifts from Carmen are amazing, I really love those tin cans, everything is wonderful. I hope you have a lovely vacation and I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress on your shed project
    vicky xxx

  14. Felicidades unos regalos preciosos

  15. es un intercambio precioso ya vi en el blog de carmen lo que usted le mando y ella se ve muy contenta con todo .
    espero que lo pase bien en sus mini vacaciones
    un abrazo
    אַ האַלדזן

  16. What a fun story - some kind of destiny both surprises were received on the same day. Carmen sent you some wonderful gifts - but... what else to expect from her?! Have fun on your days out, hope there's a little fresh air waiting for you!


  17. Muchas felicidades Drora, las minis de Carmen son realmente bonitas.

  18. Que maravillas.Felicidades.Besitos.

  19. Enhorabuena por tus regalos, son una verdadera maravilla!!
    besitos ascension

  20. Hi Drora, what a special connection you both had in teh blogosphere: on the same day you recieved your gifts. They are wonderful, Carmen makes very wonderful miniatures, but you too. I've seen them on Carmens blog :D!
    Hugs, enjoy your days out, Ilona

  21. ¡Que disfrutes mucho de esta agradable sorpresa!. Un saludo, Eva

  22. Son muchos y muy bonitos regalos. Ha sido una hermosa sorpresa y un lindo intercambio. Felices vacaciones. Un beso.

  23. Que maravilla!!

    La lata de aceite me ha encantado.

    Tienes suerte de tener amigas tan artistas.

    Un abrazo y mi más sincera felicitación.

  24. Hello Drora, Beautiful plates. Love those rusty looking tin cans. Have fun!
    Many hugs and kisses, conny

  25. Drora Hello, thank you for your visit, it's great to be back, what a beautiful coincidence that your and Carmen .... And what beautiful things you have received, and you deserve them all!, For thou art a sweet person! . Kisses in your heart.

  26. Ooo Drora wonderful gift's,yes I like the rusty tin cans to,great work and the plates and flouwers... wonderful!

  27. I love everything you received. It is all drop dead gorgeous and the romantic style I adore. Lucky you! Have the most wonderful time on your vacation! Hugs,