Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Felma's Giveaway

I am happy to show you Felma's beautiful dress which I was extremely lucky to win.

This gorgeous dress came accompanied by the beautifully embroidered card.   A visit to Felma's blog is highly recommended.  Reading her posts just warms your heart. Here is the link http://www.dollhouseminiaturesbyfelma.blogspot.com.  You too, may be lucky enough in the future and win one of Felma's fabulous creations.

I made a special box to display this treasure combined with other treasures received from very dear online friends. It's another Ipad empty box saved from  the garbage bin.

The dressing table is a gift from Cris Cola,  the rug and hat from Jennifer, the bunch of roses from
Rosella and on the table a metal brush and hand mirror from Olga.  I wish I knew how to make short links like I see on many blogs.  Can anyone please teach me how to?

This is how the poor chair looked before I painted it to look a little better in the box.

A rather bad photo of the two boxes side by side.  I am not at all sure if I'll keep the dress in this box. I'll wait till the sewing room is finished to see which box is better.

And a big warm hug to my new followers
Xisca - http://minisxisc.blogspot.co.il
Adela - http://kyrani.blogspot.co.il
Leonor - http://puracachanilla.blogspot.co.il
Rose - http://bbflockin.blogspot.co.il
Gloria - http://lasmanitasdeglo.blogspot.com.es
Dessa - http://dessaraeartdolls.blogspot.co.il
Rossy Murga
Sarah Blake

If I didn't mention your blog, it's because I cannot find it.  Please let me know if you have one. Thank you for following.  You are invited to take part in my giveaway, there is still time.

Blessings to all my dear friends


  1. Hola Drora!
    Felicitaciones por haber ganado ese precioso vestido, Felma es una gran artista y tú has sabido hacer una bellísima escena con el vestido.
    Lo del short link...
    Cuando estés redactando la entrada, selecciona el nombre del blog al que quieres enlazarlo...
    En la parte superior estña "Link"
    da clic, escribes en link al que quieres que se

    dirija y listo!

    Muchos besos

  2. Felicidades Drora,es un precioso vestido y la escena te ha quedado de lujooo!!!!
    Disfruta tu regalo
    Besitooos y feliz semana.

  3. Congrats, Drora! The dress is really wonderful. You created a perfect place for it. Hugs

  4. What a fantastic price - congratulations. And you've created a lovely surrounding to present this treasure!


  5. El vestido es monísimo Drora y en la escena que le has preparado luce maravilloso. Besitos

  6. I do have a blog. I'm in http://www.gleise-crafts.blogspot.com.br/. Best regards.-

  7. ese vestido es precioso!felicidades por ganarlo y la escena te ha quedado muy bonita, un besazo

  8. Beautiful box, Drora!And pretty dress! Enjoy! Hugs

  9. The dress is beautiful. It looks wonderful in the room box . I love the silver shoes. Enjoy your wonderful treasure.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Congrats for the dress, is so beautiful!! And you made a cute roombox for it! A big hug!

  11. The dress is wonderful! I like the roombox that you made for it.
    Bye Faby

  12. Un hermoso regalo Drora y en la escena que le hiciste luce mucho y más bonito todavía. Felicidades!!!! Un beso.

  13. Hi Drora! Your roomboxes look amazing! Felma's dress is a masterpiece--what a lucky win! I feel so blessed that I was a lucky winner of one of Felma's beautiful dresses too. Your chair makeover looks fantastic--you are one talented lady! xo Jennifer

  14. precioso vestido, es un regalo divino .
    Y las dos escenas con esa cantidades de detalles son una maravilla de composición
    .Felicidades por tantos regalos
    Besos Loly

  15. Hi Drora, congratulation to your fantastic win. Your box looks so elegant. I love all the little details you put inside. You are so talented. Hugs from Craftland

  16. Enhorabuena por ese precioso vestido que has ganado.
    Las escenas son fantasticas, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

  17. This dress is so beautiful!! I love everything !!!!

  18. Me alegro un montón por ese fantástico regalo te ha quedado una escena muy bonita.
    Feliz semana.
    Mil besos...Julia.

  19. Il vestito è stupendo, e la scena che hai attorno ad esso è meragliosa, semplice ed elegante.
    Un bacio

  20. Wow, the dress is gorgeous Drora, congratulations!! It looks wonderful in your roombox with all those other lovely things!! Hugs Vicky xxx

  21. Hello Drora, Congratulations on winning the lovely gown! You did a wonderful job making both of the roomboxes.Love those silver hi-heels along with the jewelry. Many hugs, conny

  22. Hi Drora! The dress of Felma is gorgeous, you've find a very nice place for it! I like your roomboxes very much. About putting the links in your post: do like you do it with the awards! You've done it already ;) Hugs, Ilona

  23. Que bonito! Felicidades!! Y en la escena queda genial!! Besotesssssssssssss milesssssssss ;)

  24. Lovely boxes. The dress is truly charming. Hugs Sanne

  25. Beautiful Drora!

    The little box turned out beautifully :(


  26. Precioso regalo Drora, la escena te ha quedado genial. Besos.

  27. Hi Drora, How luck you are to have won such a pretty dress and you have made a very beautiful setting for it. Great job.
    A Big Mini Hug

  28. Hello Dora your are a lucky girl. Your box is wonderufl. Enjoy your fantstic win.
    .Greetings Melanie

  29. Поздравляю с победой!
    Платье великолепное! Вы сделали чудесное оформление. Два Ваших румбокса очень красивы.
    Получайте удовольствие!
    Мои объятья

  30. You have done a fabulous job housing your treasure Drora. Beautful bxes!!!! About the links, when you draft a post, highlight the word you want to link to, then click link , a box will appear and you can cut and paste the url of the page you want the link to. Easy peasey and like Illona said, you actually have already done it :).

  31. Felicidades, te ha quedado una escena muy linda con ese precioso vestido. Besos

  32. Hola Drora!
    Precioso regalo y junto con la escena todo quedo maravilloso!Un abrazo

  33. que buena la escena de bodas y que rápida, estoy deseando ver que haces con el jardin/maleta de Sans!

  34. Hello Drora, Excellent! I can see that you picked the perfect spot for the dress. I love reading your posts. You have such a lovely blog. Thank you for picking this beautiful box to showcase the dress.
    Hugs, Felma