Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bavarian furniture

These pieces of furniture are a gift I received from my daughter Galia, sometime ago.  She bought them for me while vacationing in Austria.

They look home made, probably by a loving grandfather.  They are not new, some children already had fun playing with them.

The bed was too short.  I took it apart and made it longer by using tongue depressors.

Shall have to make beddings to cover this ugly look.

I love the hand painted decorations.

Now it's my turn to play and have fun by adding more pieces of furniture, accessories, rugs, etc.  What I have now iare a few pieces for a bedroom and a nursary.

It's also time to extend a very warm welcome to new followers

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I am always grateful to all my followers for finding the time to visit my blog, Your comments are what encourage and inspire me.

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Good night.


  1. Hello :) what gorgeous pieces of furniture. I cant wait to see the fantastic scene you will do with them. Have a great week. Hugs Maria

  2. Tu hija te ha hecho un hermoso regalo, es la mamá de los dos pequeños que te ayudaron en el anterior sorteo? y tiene además un bello nombre... Galia
    Dices; some children already had fun playing with them.
    Muchos besos

  3. !Your gifts are lovely, Drora
    (=.The painted designs are fabulous

  4. this is very similar to the style that I want to give my Tyrolean hut!
    Drora, your "Bavarian furniture," are fantastic, how lucky to have found them in Austria! just a loving grandfather may have been capable of such perfection!
    have fun with them, I'm curious to see what you're going to invent ... :)

  5. Que lindo trabajo Drora!!!, te quedaron geniales pintados a mano, y el color es divino!!!

  6. I really like the colors! They looked really good,

  7. What a beautiful furniture. I love the painting
    very much


  8. Que bonitos esos muebles con el encanto de haber servido ya en el pasado. Me gusta el vambio que le has hecho a la cama.
    Un bonito detalle de tu hija al regalártelos.
    Besos Narán

  9. Es un regalito precioso y me gusta muchísimo el dibujo de flores que has hecho. Besos.

  10. They look lovely as usual i hope you are well? please can i enter yo
    ur giveaway
    hugs Rachel xx

  11. Felicita a tu hija porque ha tenido un acierto. Esos muebles son preciosos.

  12. What a lovely gift, your daughter knows you well. Already you are working on the set and I know you will make it very special. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Gill x

  13. su hija le hizo un regalo maravilloso, estos muebles son geniales me encantan
    un abrazo

  14. I love the painted furniture, very Austrian. . Will you place them in a Chalet style house?
    Thank-you for the welcome, there is a mistake in my blog name. It should be http://lifesgood-sandie.blogspot.com

  15. I love this furniture; color and decoration are fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  16. Que boito detalles de tu hija el regalrte esas maravillas, tu las has dejado todavia mas bonitas, buen trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  17. Bonito regalo. Yo tengo uno igual y también tengo el conjunto de cocina y es muy original. Un saludo, Eva

  18. Preciosos muebles Drora y si son regalos de tu hija aun te gustaran más, se ve que son artesanales y eso le da más valor .
    Besos miles...Ah y mil gracias por tener siempre un comentario para mi.

  19. Drora, What a wonderful set of furniture! So sweet of your daughter to think of you while on Holiday! I can't wait to see the bedding that you make.

  20. What a lovely gift from your daughter, she sure knows how to make her Mom happy... It's easy to see they were made with lots of love - I'm curious to see what they will look like when you added all your love for minis to them. Btw - did you know we call this type of painting "Bauernmalerei"? (Bauern = farmers, countrymen / Malerei = painting)

  21. So precious your Bavarian furniture . I love that they are old. do you know they are called pre-loved in the vintage circle? :).

  22. che bel regalo...che brava tua figlia...sono mobili stupendi...baci...Rosy

  23. These are darling, Drora! I'm with Rosamargarita--now it is your turn to play with them. :-)

  24. The furnitures look really pretty, like a bavarian house, with the colourfull flowers. I like it really much. Now, you can build a nursery scene or an alpine mine house. Kisses

  25. Me encanta tu blog amiga esta divino,te felicito,mil besos


  26. oh my gosh these are soooo lovely, lucky you that your daughter bought them for you
    have fun with them! :-)

    Hugs Jollie

  27. Preciosos, como todo lo que haces
    Me gustan mucho los colores y el contraste.Muy bien realizado
    Un abrazo