Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Swaps

I have to thank our dear Caterina - le minis di Cockerina, for organizing the Summer Swaps.  Here are photos from what I received from Maria - http://prettythingsireland.blogspot.com/

The photos, now that I look at them, do not give enough credit to Maria's wonderful work.  The dress and hat are so dainty and summery, beautiful colours too.  The picnic basket full of delicious food, wine, sodas, cheeses, salad, cakes and cookies, fruit....  and mostly hand made by Maria.  Thank you so much Maria, I'll treasure everything you made.

I sent my Summer Swap to Ingrid, in Belgium.  I'm afraid mine was not a big one.  I do hope Ingrid liked it.  Here is a photo.

Thank you Caterina for arranging all this.  I am truly grateful to you.

I have new followers to welcome.  One of them from a new country to my blog Viva Argentina!!

Teresa Goller - http://www.weewhimsyway.blogspot.com/
Auxi - http://www.minisdeauxi.blogspot.com/
Rosa Kreattiva - http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/
Kikka - http://pienisammakko.blogspot.com/
Kaisa - http://dollhousemansion.blogspot.com/
Otterine - http://www.otterine.blog/blog1/php
Ivana Noelia Paez - http://minisdeivi.blogspot.com/
Once Upon a Time - (Cannot find blog to follow)

I am so happy you chose to follow this blog and here is a warm hug to you all.


  1. Otro intercambio precioso. Besos, Narán

  2. Que regalos más bonitos, no me extraña que estés tan contenta. Enhorabuena.

  3. I like all the things on the photos and I think that Ingrid will like your swap very much

  4. Are wonderful gifts Drora... congratulations for the gifts that you received and that you made!! hugs

  5. What a fun swap! You both did a wonderful job!

  6. and I'm glad you're happy with your gifts, I am certain that Ingrid, it is!
    many kisses and thanks for having participated in the Holiday Swap, I hope you will attend the Christmas, even!
    good continuation of the summer.

  7. O I am sure she will love what you did Drora! They are adorable!

  8. precioso intercambio

  9. Drora son muy bonitos los regalos que has recibido ( =
    Lo que tu has hecho ¡Me encanto!!! Es preiso y los colores me gustan muchísimo y la flor amarilla hermosa♥
    Un besito

  10. I love both of your swap minis Drora, you have made some very summery things too love those sunflowers on it and the things you have received are very beautiful too, have fun and enjoy the (too hot) summer

    Hugs Jollie

  11. What lovely swap gifts, Drora! Maria made such cute things, and your minis are so pretty too! Congratulations on your new followers too! I sent you an email, I think yesterday morning. If you haven't seen it, let me know, and I'll re-send it to you! I can't wait to send a package your way! :-)

  12. Me alegro mucho por todos los que participaron, ha sido una buena experiencia, Disfruta tus regalos.
    Muchos besos

  13. The dress and hat are so beautiful!!

  14. Que preciosos regalos de intercambio, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension!!!

  15. Ciao Drora, ti ho conosciuta tra le pagine di altri blog in occasione dello swap organizzato da Caterina e per i bellissimi regali che hai inviato a Maria,così sono passata a curiosare nel tuo blog e sono rimasta affascinata,quindi da oggi hai una seguitrice in più!!Se ti fa piacere ho un blog anch'io,puoi passarmi a trovare quando vuoi,ne sarò felice,mi piace conoscere nuove persone con cui condividere questa passione!!
    Un abbraccio

  16. Felicidades por tan lindos regalos, ahora a buscarles un merecido lugar.
    Mil besitos...Julia

  17. Wonderful swaps, I like the slippers you made,very good and nice all of them

  18. che belli anche io ho partecipato inviando una macedonia di frutta nel cocmero e pomodori ripieni aPlushpussycat.ciao Erika