Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, April 1, 2011


With great pleasure and a warm hug I welcome my new followers:
Rosella - Il salotto delle rose
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Beatrice - Les miniatures de Beatrice
Heleni - Heleni tres petit blanc
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Marylupe - (Cannot find your blog. Please let me know if you have one.)
I was planning a giveaway on my birthday in June, not even dreaming that I'd reach 95 followers.  I now will advance my giveaway.  Am already working on it and let you know as soon as it' finished.

Today I had fun making over beads and other things.  Took photos which will explain what I did and you are free to use any idea.
The bottle is much nicer looking  than it came out in this photo.  It is a 1:24" size.  The glass beads are from an inexpensive necklace.  I added white fimo parts and baked them together.  If you want to make teapots out of plastic beads, you have to bake the parts separately and then glue them to the plastic beads.
The doilies are cut from a place mat. They are rather large but can be cut smaller.
The vases are Chinese glass beads.  I baked them on little white fimo circles so that they'd stand upright.  


  1. Drora, your teapots are SO clever. I shall make some . Thank you for the tip, Rosanna

  2. I love your theapots, it is a very good idea, from beads. Thank you


  3. Hello Drora's, the truth is that these pots are beautiful.
    Congratulations on all your followers.
    Julia kisses ...

  4. This is splendid! I love how your teapots turned out. The blue and white stripes are fabulous

  5. Love those teapots, great tip! Your pacemats are beautiful, such a good idea! Thank you for sharing,
    * marlies

  6. Me encantannnnnnn tus teteras!y los pequeños manteles y esa botella está... de lujo
    Un beso grande, grande

  7. Los manteles son preciosos y la botella una gran idea.

  8. Que fantastico trabajo has hecho, me encanta!!!
    besitos ascension

  9. Oh drora, que bonito, aunque sigo pensando que como trabajas la paja es perfecto, y viendo lo que has echo con ella, has creado un gran tesoro, tambien he visto tu coleccion de zapatos, es que por motivos familiares y de salud no he podido entrar en un tiempo a la red, pero ya estoy poquito a poco de vuelta, y me alegra ver tus trabajos,pues se la perfeccion que lleban, besazos

  10. Lovely thea pots, it's great to read your ideas how to make, thank you.

  11. Nos alegra saber que vas a cumplir años, querriamos felicitarte mandandote una cosa, , si quieres, haznos llegar tu dirección al correo del blog. Besos de Violeta y Victoria

  12. I have always thought your idea of using bead for teapots is an excellent one. Perfect teapots they make. Thank you dear Drora for sharing :)

  13. me han gustado mucho las teteras, y el resto de los trabajos. besos

  14. Uhhhh!These teapots made ​​from a necklace.....
    it is truly brilliant idea
    Congratulations for your work and thanks for visiting my blog.
    Hello and I look forward to your giveaway

    Uhhhh! אלה קומקומים עשויים שרשרת .....
    זה באמת רעיון מבריק
    מזל טוב על העבודה שלך ותודה על הביקור בבלוג שלי.
    שלום אני מצפה בגידה שלך
    Ciao da Rosella

  15. You made those teapots from beads!? They look so good! Very modern and hip :D Wonderfull idea

  16. hello Drora's, the truth is that these pots are beautiful.
    Congratulations on all your 101 followers.

  17. your tea pots are beautiful i also love using beads lol my girls are now afraid to leave any of there necklaces around :D didnt think od tea pots so will try that thank you :)

  18. The teapots are wonderful, what a good idea, thanks for sharing your tips. Gill x