Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

miniature shoe collection

There were times, before computers, when there were pen pals.  For me this was a time before dollhouse miniatures.  I collected miniature shoes (some were 1:12, most were various sizes but not made for walking)
I would like to show some of my collection today and hope you like what you see. The photos do not really give the little shoes credit.
This is only a part of the collection.  It was a very exciting time, exchanging hobbies with pen pals overseas, opening parcels, sending parcels, corresponding and learning about our families.  Also, when going out shopping it was like going hunting for little shoes.  My daughters call me the Imelda Marcus of little shoes.
Today it is so much easier with emails and online overseas shopping.


  1. Drora es una coleccion preciosa!!!!
    Tu eres muchisimo mejor que Imelda y ademas mas simpatica jejeje.
    besitos ascension

  2. ¡¡que colección más hermosa!!
    al verla he recordado una colección que salio en España y yo tenia dos zapatitos que ya no se donde estan, ya no los recordaba pero los buscare.

  3. very nice! I love the shoes, I make real shoe collection. in my shoe, I own about 30 pairs of shoes. sandals, elegant, high-and low-heeled boots, hiking boots ... I own shoes that I have worn only once, but I still like a lot, and I can not give away.
    I like to buy shoes, it's a craze! when I go shopping, I lose a lot of time to measure, I will buy it all! If I could choose between buying clothes, bags or shoes, I buy shoes! ha ha! but in the end, wearing only shoes, comfortable ...

  4. Que preciosidad de colección de zapatitos Drora!
    Cada par es un verdadero tesoro, la casita en zapato es adorable!
    Un abrazo

  5. ¡Una espléndida colección!

  6. Amazing, and lovely so small, Do you colecting them now to or is it a old hobby?

  7. Buena colección de zapatos, muy surtida.
    Un saludo.

  8. ¡ ¡Thank you for your comment Drora! I am glad that you like my work! A greeting and have a nice day!

  9. Hello Drora's, most beautiful shoe collection.
    I like longggg.
    Many kisses ... Julia

  10. Tienes una colección preciosa. Son una chulada de zapatitos. Besos

  11. My dear Drora , I think I have found my soul shoe sister! Except like Caterina, I collect real shoes. haha! But now I know who I can send some of my shoe memorabilia to! Yay! Do you still collect them?

    I think blogland is a lot like those penpal days. Communication is a lot faster now but we still send each other parcels.

  12. Thanks for showing this! wonderful and interesting collection!