Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום ראשון, 16 ביוני 2019

Nutshells and gnomes

Hello dear readers,

Have I gone nuts?
First I learned how to crack open a walnut in two perfect halves.

Then I learned how to make little gnomes -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSbZ66cH3Qc

The house is one of my ceramic clay houses.  All the leaves staff are a gift from dear Birgit.

And this is my first nutshell scene.

Making the tiny mushrooms gave me a real headache.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a very creative week ahead with blessings.

22 תגובות:

  1. A gorgeous little scene. You did a great job.

  2. They might have given you a headache but those mushrooms are perfect with your adorable little gnomes.

  3. I loved seeing these tiny gnomes and houses in nut shells, Drora, they are too cute!! And what are gnomes without mushrooms.... ;O!? Great work!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. Que cositas tan lindas.
    Son unas piezas encantadoras.
    Un saludo

  5. what a beautiful fun creation!

  6. I know very well what you're talking about when it comes to teenytiny mushrooms! *LOL* Your nutshell gnomes turned out so wonderful, I'm in awe with these tiny fellows. You're so good with polymer clay even when it comes to very small objects. Btw I was thinking this too when I took out the tiny furniture you've given to me, the toys in that shelf are incredibly cute and well done. Oh, and it was good to hear that you didn't mind the little splash of white I've added. ;O) But back to your fantastic nuts, these little scenes are gorgeous and I really enjoyed looking at them. Oh, and I shall not forget to mention the tiny house - you really have magical fingers!


  7. Oh Drora you have taken these new skills and turned them into something magically adorable! I LOVE them! I can see why those mushrooms gave you a challenge - incredibly tiny! I am excited to see where these wonderful little pieces end up as they will surely make an amazing addition!

  8. Que maravillosa casa de duendes,ellos son tan diminutos!!! Preciosa escena Drora!

  9. que buenas casitas has buscado ...

  10. Beautiful Drora, how can you make such tiny yet beautiful things! xxx

  11. So cute your nuts roomboxes, love it. Hugs

  12. Oh well done on the little house, gnomes and the mushrooms! I don't have much confidence in that man's methods for opening walnuts, Drora. I once punched a flat tip screwdriver very deeply into the palm of my hand trying to do what he does with a butter knife. Subsequently I learned the way to split nuts perfectly if you want to use the shells, is to soak them in water for a day or two. It softens the seam and you can split them easily and without damaging the shell. Of course, the flesh of the nut will be soggy and unappetizing so you have to decide what you want, the nut or the shell.

    1. Thanks, Megan. I'm certainly going to try your way of splitting the nuts. Seems a lot safer and easier

  13. Muy original y con un trabajo muy minucioso, te ha quedado genial, tiene mucha complicación trabajar en algo tan pequeño, pero tu has sabido hacerlo y con un estupendo resultado... besos.

  14. I love your tiny scenes in a nut.The tiny items are amazing. Beautiful job.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Maravillosas tus nueces!!! Me encantan! Espero que no te moleste que me inspire en ellas... al verlas se me han representado unos belenes encantadores para regalar en Navidad. Lo has pensado? Seguro que a ti te quedan genial a la primera :) Un abrazo