Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שני, 3 בספטמבר 2018

Candy shop sweets

Hello dear readers,

Here is what I managed to make up to now.

These are for the window display.

Just for demonstration.  Nothing is glued in place yet.  There may be more.

The inside of the box, painted. The shelves glued in place.  I had some rose lace strips which I glued to the back of the shelves. It looks bad now, but when finished, only the shelves will be seen. It is impossible to see the two holes I drilled in the middle of the box, below the top.  I put a thin wire through these holes to allow the box to hang on a nail in the wall.

For the lollipop sticks, I shaved a toothpick to make it narrow.

Painted a drop of red nail polish on the cookies to make it look like jam.

The chocolate bears are brown painted beads.

The little glass jars came with ugly plastic stoppers which I hated to throw away.  Here you can see my attempts to make something out of them. Cups!  The handles are cuts from a narrow drink plastic straw.

Hope to finish this project soon.

Have a wonderful, creative rest of the week with blessings.

24 תגובות:

  1. Love, love to see your progress in the candy shop, Drora, you've made some delicious candy treats for this shop. Thank you for showing how you made them!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Espectacular! Drora, eres una artista! Se ve tan real que apetece probarlo todo :) Me encanta! Un beso

  3. Hello Drora,
    I love all the sweets you have made. The filled shelves look wonderful. the pink lace trim is such a great detail.
    Big hug

  4. Hello Drora! You have made amazing great work. Your candy shop is so sweet.

  5. What appetizing things! Dana will be happy to follow "your" common project. A beautiful staging, bravo

  6. I love the lacy shelving and the way they make such an inviting backdrop for all those delicious looking candies!

  7. It looks wonderful so far! Makes me want to stop in and load up on chocolate! Especially the gold wrapped ones...love them.

  8. I've tried making candies before so I know how labor intensive it can be but they are Lots of Fun when you've set out to do and they look as Sweet and Delisious as yours do!
    I LOVE your lacy-edged shelves and the backdrop because it adds such a feminine flavor to your dainty display .
    I'm already eager to see what you'll do next!

  9. Todo tiene un aspecto delicioso. Has hecho un gran trabajo.

  10. .Wonderful

    I love all the sweets you have made

  11. Estupendos todos esos dulces que has hecho.
    Los ferrero rocher te quedan geniales !!!!
    Me gusta el encaje

  12. Yummy, yummy and yummmm!!! This shop will be filled with fantastic and delicious treats. Love them all

  13. guauuu, que rico todo.
    Felicidades.Un abrazo

  14. My sweet tooth is aching now… sweets… I need sweets… *LOL* Wonderful work, your little treats look all so yummy that I pity the customers of your sweet shop who will have to choose between all those delicious cakes, candies and chocolates. Thanks for showing how you've done them - the chocolate teddies are very clever! And I also like the shop itself, adding this lace detail was a great idea.


  15. I love your pretty display. All the goodies look yummy. Great idea with the bears I have some and never thought to do that with them :D thanks for the tip.Fantastic work Drora.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Everything is perfect for your candy shop.I like the idea with the bears.

  17. ,Dear Drora

    !What wonderful sweets you have made
    !!I love them
    .They are very realistic looking and so cute

    .I also like the end result of the box
    .With the pink colour and the lace

    .Thank you for sharing this project with us

    .Have a lovely weekend and best wishes


  18. Lovely, real-looking sweets without any calories and no harm on teeth ;-). The shop window looks gorgeous with lace!

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  20. Как много аппетитных сладостей!
    Мне особенно нравятся щоколадные медеведи!