Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום ראשון, 14 בינואר 2018

Flowers and plants for a flower shop project

Hello dear readers

The beginning of the new year founds me creating flowers, my favorite pass time, for the future flower shop project.  I'm not in a hurry because I absolutely don't know where there will be space to display it. Even more important, how shall I be able to protect it from dust.

First, I made egg carton pots decorated with seashells, using most of my seashells stock before I collect fresh ones. 

I found this tutorial for making wine bottles out of hot glue rods.
This is the result of my first experiment.

I used a t-light for melting the rod and painted the bottles with a cheap nail varnish.  There will probably be better results with experience, but it is sure worth a try.

Here are photos of our building, before and after. The colors before were brick red and grey with lots of ugly patches.  Now the colors are an elegant deep and light grey.

You can see the bus station next to our fence.

We said goodbye to the laborers and I must confess, at the end they were helpful., cleaning up the indoor mess and even helping me change light bulbs. However, there's no chance that I'll miss them.
The renovation took almost 6 months from start to finish.  The garden will take another 6 months to revive.

I wish you all a nice and peaceful Sunday with blessings.

10 תגובות:

  1. Bueno... ha sido largo pero la obra ha merecido la pena, Drora. Qué liberación despedir a los obreros! jaaaa... Me admiran tus flores; yo he intentado hacer alguna y ha sido imposible, pierdo la paciencia enseguida y me sobran dedos! Un beso

  2. Your building looks wonderful! and I feel your pain about storage with minis. Maybe shelves? But I know in a condo even wall space can be at a premium.

  3. Muy bonitas las flores, me parece estupendo un proyecto con ellas. La fachada se ve resplandeciente

  4. You've got a wonderful selection of vibrant flowers started, and I'm excited to see the project progress! Maybe you can find some cardboard to make into a watering can shape for the shop? The bottle method looks interesting and definitely worth a try - yours look excellent!
    The building is much improved and I am happy that you've got your peace back. The garden will be fun to revive!

  5. Preciosas las nuevas plantas Drora!!! Y que gusto poder despediros de las obras,ahora el edificio se ve precioso,muy elegante!

  6. Bonitas plantas ..nuevo proyecto que trabajadora eres . Ahora el edificio se ve muy bonito. Bsss

  7. Hello Drora,
    Your plants are just lovely. What wonderful additions they will be to your shop. I am happy the workers are done and the end result is terrific. You live in a very nice building.
    Big hug

  8. Great flowers and plants. Your building looks really great now, it was worth it.

  9. Bueno al final la espera ha valido la pena. El edificio esta nuevo a la vista.
    Las flores te han quedado geniales.
    Un abrazo

  10. Te han quedado geniales tus flores y que maravilla que las obras estén terminadas, ha quedado el edificio perfecto.Besos:-)