יום חמישי, 13 במרץ 2014

Easter teapots

Hello all,

It took me a long time to get rid of my flu and come back.  I also had to take care of my husband who caught the flu from me and you know how spoiled husbands are when they are sick.  They just need your full attention and once they get it they want it all the time.  This means less time for miniatures.

Here is something I created for Easter.  A friend gave me a broken necklace of green glass beads.
I used some for these teapots.

A froggy teapot and creamer for Kikka's very cute frog collection

I got carried away and made two more sets.

Bunny teapots and a fat little bunny.  It ate too much green stuff.

I am sorry I was unable to visit your blogs during the last weeks.  I'll try to catch up as much as possible.

The cyclamen pot is still flowering and sends you its love.  I pamper it.  The secret is not to let the
roots stay in water.  It needs cold water and good drainage.  Maybe not as beautiful as when  it arrived but
it's record time for me to have it still alive, especially since it was a month of unusual warm weather and
cyclamen thrive on cold days.

Hugs and blessings to all my dear friends.

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  1. Your teapots and jugs/creamers are lovely. Hope you both fully recover from the flu and yes you're so right men don't make good patients :)

  2. Quelle bonne idée!!! le résultat est charmant et printanier,elles sont toutes adorables!!

  3. Hola Drora. Espero que ya estés recuperada del todo de la gripe y tu esposo también.
    Las teteras son una monada, las de las ranitas y los conejos son muy graciosas y las otras son muy bonitas.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  4. I love your teapots and creamers you have got to do a tutorial on them :)


    ps Im happy you are feeling better.

  5. Welcome back, Drora. I’m glad that you and your husband are feeling better. This seems like a bad year for the flu. Your teapots are adorable! How creative to use the beads. I believe the bunny is my favorite  I do not have a green thumb, so I really admire how beautiful your cyclamen plant looks. Hugs,Lisa

  6. It's great to hear you're feeling better - and your care-needing hubby, too... ;O) Your teapots with pearls are a very clever idea and your results are gorgeous. I'm only wondering... do you think it was a good idea to place that bunny in your beautiful cyclamen? They don't live from carrots and cabbage alone... *grin*


  7. Dear Drora, I am glad to hear that you are much better and that your husband is recovering, although you have to give him your full attention. When you are sick you want to be spoiled, isn't it :D!? Your teapots and jugs are wonderful, I think Kikka will love them too! So your cyclamen is still alive and kicking, I said: no water on the roots, they don't like that ;)! Well done :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. The frog teapot is absolutely adorable! ♥ And the ones with the flowers.... I fell in love!
    Great job, Dora :D
    Love! xxx

  9. Welcome back I am glad that you and hubby are recovering. I love your teapots and jugs. They are all so cute. I am sure Kikka will love the frog ones.
    Hugs Maria

  10. I hope you are OK now. I like your teapots. Hugs, Melli

  11. delicious teapots! I am glad that you have recovered from the flu.Hugs Manu

  12. It is nice to hear you feel better now! Oh yes... I know what you mean with sick husbands! My beloved had a pistol shot in the lung last year from his work. He was sick for more than six weeks and needed sooo much attention... but I have gave it to him gladly! Your froggy teapots are very funny but I fall in love with those bunny teapots and the fat bunny! Super cute and well made like always!
    Warm hugs

  13. It's so great to hear from you, Drora! I'm glad that you both are well again. The minis you've made are darling. The frogs, bunnies, and teapots are all so pretty and sweet. My husband saw your little dog and decided he'd like to try making mini animals from Fimo. You may have influenced another person to become a miniaturist! I have a post planned with your special gifts. I must finish the giveaway before I post it. It's always wonderful to hear from you. Take good care of yourself. I keep reminding myself to rest between projects after such a terrible flu season. I hope you will too, dear friend. xo Jennifer

  14. Realmente me gustan todas, son encantadoras estas teteras.


  15. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Your teapots are so cheerful. Very sweet.

  16. me alegro de que ya esteis los dos libres de la fastidiosa gripe, esas teteras te han quedado muy monas , y creo que esa planta esta muy bien



  17. Me alegro mucho que os hayáis recuperado. Las teteras son monísimas

  18. Charming pots! I love these bunnies that ate too much!:) Your cyclamen is looking good! And this is good to hear you both are well again! Hugs

  19. Me han encantado las teteras, son muy bonitas. Un beso

  20. Hello Drora your tea pots are wonderful!!!!Kiss

  21. Vos théières sont très jolies Drora, c'est une excellente idée , meilleure santé à vous deux, amitiés, Lili

  22. Drora I hope you and your hubby are felling better! I am sorry you got the flu it has been terrible sickness for everyone this year ;(
    Your froggy teapots are amazing and the bunny and flowers are wonderful for Easter.
    I hope you folks are on the mend and you feel well enough to mini ;)
    hugs JS

  23. Even if your flu is over take time to rest as the flu tires you a lot. You're so right about sick men... Your teapots are gorgeous I love the bunny ones.

  24. Now come take care of my cyclamen! I forgot to water it, I left it in the sun. It suffers a lot at my hands. Your teapots are incredible. I love how they multiplied! And that fat bunny is the cutest thing ever!! I'm glad you are better and your husband too. I was like you 6 weeks without doing much minis because of my leg. But I can finally walk again. Here's to better health in the coming months.

  25. ces théières sont toutes originales et très jolies. J'ai une préférence pour les petits lapins* ! Bisous. Bon week-end ! rosethé*

  26. Hi Drora, I am happy to hear you and your husband recovered from that nasty flu. Love your teapots, very well done. Hugs.

  27. Dear Drora!
    I am so happy for you and your husband have recovered from the flu! It has been very difficult also here for many persons.

    And wow, do you really mean that those:
    The froggy teapot and creamer are for me! I can't believe...this is my lucky day! They are so cute and beautiful! I love every detail on them! Thank you for thinking of me, that is so warm-hearted!
    Your Bunnypots are also very charming !
    Big Hugs

  28. Your teapots are so cute, especially the bunny teapot!!! Glad to hear you are not sick anymore.

  29. Que bonitas y graciosas teteras de primavera!!!! Me alegro que ya os encontréis mejor de la gripe.
    El ciclamen está precioso!!!

  30. Oh, how cute teapots! All of them!!! ♥ Kikka will love those froggie pots. :) Good to hear you are well now. It is very frustrating to be ill. Have a great week Drora!

  31. Hola Drora!
    .Espero que tanto tu como tu esposo esteis ya recuperados.
    Tus teteras son preciosas, yo también tengo una colección.


  32. Me alegro que ya estés recuperada. Yo también estoy todavía con un poco de gripe y sé lo mal que te habrás encontrado, Las teteras que has hecho son preciosas. No sabría decirte cuál me gusta más. Eso sí que es aprovechar bien un collar :D Es una idea fantástica :D
    Muchos besos y me alegro de volver a verte por los blogs :D

  33. Nice to hear you and your husband are better now!!! The teapots you created are darlings!!!! Soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! Very well done Drora!! They are really lovely!!

  34. Hallo Drora,
    ihre Kannen sehen klasse aus. Das gefällt mir. Besonders die Häschenkannen sind sehr liebevoll gemacht.Tolle Arbeiten.
    Liebe Grüße