Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A baby elephant from spain

Hello dear readers,

Don't know about the rest of you my dear fellow miniaturists but I am a very lucky one, having generous and very talented friends from all over the world who send me gifts that make me shed tears of joy, lifting up my spirits and keeping me happy, crafting and posting for almost 8 years.

A few months ago, Isabel won my giveaway.  Isabel thanked me and offered to send me something in return.  In return arrived some of the most precious handmade miniatures I have ever seen.  A tiny adorable crocheted baby elephant.  I cannot imagine how such a beautiful creature came out of regular sewing threads.

I let the baby choose, but she decided she wanted the tiny stroller. Note how beautiful her dress is.

And there were shoes, baby shoes so tiny and adorable, raising a big problem, where to be displayed.  I have an almost 40 years old miniature shoes collection here.

The pair next to Isabel's shoes is made of genuine amber.

And there was a gorgeous crocheted basket full of fantastic dressing table and baby toilet items.

And there was this awesome crate which contained all those marvelous beauties.

THANK YOU DEAR ISABEL! I am not only grateful for having received these precious gifts but also for all your encouraging kind comments on my posts all through these years.

I wish you all a lovely creative rest of the week with blessings.


  1. Oh that elephant is seriously adorable! Reminds me of the Babar elephant books. Maybe you could do a little shoe shop for your wall?

  2. Congratulations to Isabel for these nice gifts! The elephant girl is wonderful and she found at home nice toys to have fun. Your shoe collection is growing :-)

  3. Que maravillosos regalos Drora!!! disfruta mucho de ellos!!

  4. Isabel es una gran artísta, muchas felicidades por esos preciosos regalos

  5. Que maravilla.
    Todo esta genial pero el elefante es maravilloso tan chiquitin.
    Un abrazo

  6. Gracias a ti Drora. Eres generosa y siempre tienes palabras de aliento

  7. Hi Drora! The little elephant is adorable and so well made! All the tiny gifts are beautiful and the crate is so special with your name on it!!! Wonderful gifts from a wonderful friend!

  8. I'm so happy that you received such a thoughtful and wonderful gift to show you that you, Dear Drora, are an incredibly wonderful friend in our little world and that you are loved and appreciated! Great job, Isabel!

  9. Hello Drora,
    How wonderful. Isabel is incredibly talented.
    Big hug

  10. preciosos regalos, disfrútalos...


  11. Great Drora, beautiful gifts, sweet little elephant very cute and also the shoes. You also have a nice collection of shoes.

  12. ,Dear Drora

    !What a beautiful and adorable little baby
    Congratulations on becoming the mother of such a sweet little elefant
    .She is simply delightful
    .My compliments to Isabel
    .And she even comes with little baby toilet items

    .The tiny shoes and basket are wonderful also

    ?Does the baby elefant have a name

    .Enjoy your wonderful presents


  13. Awww, how cute are these tiny shoes, the baby elephant is totally adorable, Drora! Yes, Isabel makes lovely miniatures, enjoy all of it, you deserve it to be spoiled ;)!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  14. Preciosos regalos, parece increíble que sean hechos con un ganchillo, fanático trabajo de Isabel. Besos:-)

  15. I can only agree with everything - about those wonderful items you've received, the lovely words about Isabel and about the blogworld in general. This baby elephant is awesome, what a cutie… and an ellie of great taste, that little pram was a good choice! ;O) But am I the only one to foresee a shoe shop facade coming up? *smile* You've got a really nice collection.


  16. Your gifts from Isabel are gorgeous. The tiny elephant is amazing. The shoes are beautiful. Enjoy your wonderful gifts Drora you deserve to be spoiled :)
    Hugs Maria

  17. What wonderful gifts. Those who are kind are repaid in kind.

  18. It is the cutest baby elephant ever! What wonderful gifts and I hope all those cute and tiny shoes will be displayed for all to see!

  19. Me encanta todo lo que hace Isabel, pero ese pequeño elefante es un tesoro, no puede gustarme más! Es muy afortunado... ha llegado a unas manos que lo cuidaran como merece :) Un abrazo, Drora

  20. I also received a similar gift from Isabel. We are very lucky!

  21. What a beautiful thing! You are a very lucky girl. The baby elephant is gorgeous

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