Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום ראשון, 27 בדצמבר 2020

Decorative wooden hangers

 Hello dear readers,

I needed something to stand out from the walls of my book nook and remembered that once, years ago I made decorative wall hangers.  In my stash, there are many laser cut triangles that can easily be turned into lovely wall hangers.  I made two and here is how these were done.

After the two wall hangers will be painted and dry with the baskets on them, they'll be fixed between the windows and balcony

The light fixtures have arrived.  I plan to install the light from above and am debating how to make it. Here is a glimpse of how the book nook looks with the mirror installed.

That's all for the time being.  We are back in lockout starting today.  It will be strictly guarded for a fortnight. while most of us will get inoculated with the VOD-19 vaccine.  For me it makes no great difference, I'm still alone but not sad or lonely.  There is so much to do between cleaning, crafting, reading, keeping in touch virtually with friends and family, watching movies.  (I love black and white oldies.)


Happy Holidays! 

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  1. Te está quedando precioso, Drora! Me encanta tu Book Nook!Sobre todo me gusta la profundidad que le da el espejo. Otra vez confinados? Aquí muchas restricciones a la movilidad; no han sido posibles grandes reuniones familiares en Navidad y aún será más limitado para fin de año, pero hoy también han empezado a vacunar y confío en que 2021 por fin nos de el respiro. Entretanto sigamos teniendo mucho cuidado y bendigamos nuestras casas que tan bien nos hacen sentir. Un abrazo, Drora, no estamos solas, estamos aquí juntas :) ♥ Feliz fin de año

  2. Drora,el book nook se ve perfecto con el espejo colocado, le da una gran profundidad! ya te queda menos, será precioso verlo con las luces colocadas!
    Claro que no estás Sola, aquí siempre estamos conectadas y nuestra casa es el hogar que nos hace estar a salvo!
    Feliz fin de año!!

  3. Great wall hangers! Wonderful book nook. I'm glad to read that you don't feel lonely nad sad. Have a nice end of the year!

  4. I love the effect the mirror gives to your book nook, Drora, what a lovely find!The hanging baskets will be a great addition.
    I'm glad to read that you don't feel sad and lonely, take care, dearest Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Una gran idea Drora, quedan muy bien.
    Tu libro va a quedar precioso !!!.
    Me alegra saber que no te sientes sola, por suerte nuestra afición nos mantiene siempre en contacto.
    Un abrazo.

  6. I'm always fascinated by the effect the mirrors have in this type of book nooks - and yours is no exception... however yours is for me the lovliest of all! ;O) The hanging baskets will be a wonderful addition... beautiful and at the same time a very typical Drora-touch. I am looking forward to see it again with the light installed.

    And I'm really glad you're getting along so well with this (let me call it this way) strange situation... and I have always in mind that for you this was not only in general a special time but also personally hard celebrating Hanukkah with the family online and your husband in your heart. And I really wish my Christmas greeting would finally arrive at your place... *sigh*


  7. Esta quedando fabulosa la escena.
    Esto del Covid esta volviendo nuestras vidas locas. Mi hermana iba a venir a casa de mi madre este fin de año y resulta que han vuelto a cerrar las fronteras de su autonomía
    ESperemos que el próximo año sea más tranquilo y sereno que este.
    Feliz Año.

  8. I am so happy to read that you are well, busy and enjoying yourself despite being on your own, great spirit!! I wish you stay safe and healthy and happy and may 2021 bring you wonderful things, dear Drora. xxx

  9. Your book-nook is starting to look lively, Drora! We are also back in lockdown here in South Africa since three days ago, but not as strict as the first time. Like you, it doesn't make much difference to my days. I do wish people would behave more responsibly and not move around and meet up to spread the virus so that the pandemic can start subsiding. I'm happy to hear that vaccinations are coming to you. Take it, it's just a little bit of extra insurance.

  10. Me gusta como está quedando tu Book Nook.
    A ver si la vacunación es rápida para poder sentirnos un poco más libres.
    ¡Feliz año 2021!

  11. Happy Holidays Drora! I am glad you are happy and keeping busy in Safe ways! Your little hangers are wonderful! And the Book Nook is looking very decorative with the hanging plants. I will want to see how that mirror effect looks when it is done Stay safe and keep making minis!!

  12. Your booknook is lovely

    I wish you a healthy 2021
    Big hug, Xandra

  13. The wall hanger is fantastic.
    Your book nook is a masterpiece.
    Happy new year 2021!

  14. Hello Dear Drora! Your book nook looks awesome. Beautiful work indeed! -I wish you a very happy New Year!♥ Huge hug, piikko

  15. Veo que me he perdido varias entradas ,pero he estado muy ocupada con mis nietos . Feliz año 2021. tu nuevo proyecto de Book Nook es precioso .Mucha salud ,.un abrazo

  16. Hello Dora
    I love your book nook.Great idea
    Happy new year to you and your family
    A big hug