Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שני, 24 בדצמבר 2018

Christmas 2018 Gifts (part 2)

Hello again

I'm blessed. Amazing gifts keep coming, this time from a very gifted artist, a wonderful friend. Anyone who follows her blog will agree with me that her work is superb. Tatiana.

Here are some examples:

I love, love, love the mandrake.

The apples are simply beautiful. I love the woven basket.

Trust Baalatova to pop up and claim the best.

What a relief that she doesn't want to change her style of black clothes and leaves me free to
choose where to use this very elegant set of handbag and hat.

A very well made toy.  Each ring can be separated.

A lovely collection of trinkets.

Some plastic beads which look like frosted glass.  I already have plans for them.

Lovely ornaments for a Christmas scene.

Even the box which contained all these treasures is beautiful.


Here is an example of one of my plans for the "frosted glass" beads

Dessert bowls

Glue one tiny bell to a sequin and glue the bead inside the bell. (Can also serve as a candle holder)

Wishing you all a marvelous Christmas Eve with lots of presents to open and treasure.
Have fun!  Blessings and hugs!

21 תגובות:

  1. Tatiana's gifts are a true testament to her Many Many Talents and you are
    Blessed indeed! You will have many happy hours of playing and re-arranging all of your Beautiful New Goodies:D
    Happy Hollidays to you Drora! !

  2. Feliz día de Navidad ,hermosos regalos, Baalatova esta feliz.Bss

  3. What wonderful gifts of Tatiana! thank you Drora for sharing with us :-)

  4. More wonderful gifts!!! Seasons greetings!

  5. Beautiful gifts,the apples and calyx are very nice

  6. Сачстливого Рождества, дорогая Дрора!
    Я рада, что вам понравились мои мини!

  7. Those are beautiful gifts (every one - those apples are so realistic and I love the mandrake) and even more beautiful is your friendship! Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

  8. Realmente preciosos regalos
    ¡Felices Fiestas!

  9. .Lovely trinkets, beads and ornaments
    .But Tatiana's apples and the mandrake are fantastic
    .Of course Baalatova came to fetch them
    .She has excellent taste when it comes to witchy items

  10. Baalatova está siendo muy afortunada, jaaaa! Espero que hayas pasado una feliz Navidad y te deseo todo lo mejor para el nuevo año. Un abrazo muy fuerte, Drora

  11. Wow, Drora, Tatiana has spoiled you so much with these beautiful gifts and her friendship, enjoy all of it!!
    Seasons greetings and warm hugs,

  12. Preciosos regalos Drora, veo que Baalotova ya se ha hecho dueña de alguno de ellos.Feliz día.Besos:-)

  13. Beautiful gifts! I hope your Christmas has been beautiful.

  14. Preciosos tesoros has recibido una vez más.
    Disfruta mucho de todos ellos
    Feliz Navidad, que pases unas bonitas fiestas.
    Un abrazo.

  15. Wow, Tatiana has spoiled you with your talent and generosity… but if anyone deserves to be spoiled it's you. And I know I've said this many times before but I can only repeat myself - Baalatova is a witch of great taste. I only wonder how she would look in this lovely summer outfit. *grin* Nice idea with the frosted pieces Tatiana has sent to you.


  16. Qué bonitos y prácticos regalos!!!!
    Feliz 2019

  17. Sorry I am so late in commenting. Tatiana has spoiled you ;-)
    I love your idea of the bowls.
    I wish you a happy New year!

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