Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שבת, 23 ביוני 2018

Surprise giveaway.

Hello again dear readers.

The list of participants in my draw is made according to the order the comments are.

!, Sheila,  2. Veronique,  3. Carmen,  4. Tatiana,  5. Isabel.  6.  Elena,  7. Elizabeth,  8.  Susanna,
9.  Ilona,  10.  Jodi,  11.  Eloisa,  12.  Genevieve,  13.  Maria,  13.  Birgit,  15.  Alexandra,
16.  Marian,  17.  Isabella,  18.  Robin,  19.  Pilar,  20.  Carol,  21. Martha.

The winner is Alexandra!  Not wanting to spoil the surprise, I'll show what the giveaway is after
it gets to the winner.  Alexandra, please mail me your address.

Have a wonderful Sunday with blessings.

The riddle solution

Hello dear readers,

Some time ago a childhood friend of mine asked me if I'll be able to create a miniature Primus cooking stove.

I am not sure how many of you got to see a Primus at work. It's a noisy apparatus, the larger its head,  the bigger the noise.   It was in use here in Israel before the 40s of the last century. Those were the days when electricity did not reach all parts of the country.  The nomade tribes here, still use it, as it operates on kerosene and makes no soot.  Here is a reference (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primus_stove).

Given this challenge, I decided to try and make one for my antiquities stall. 

All the material that I need, I found at home.   (Buttons, fimo, jewelry findings, large paper clips, etc.)

These are my prototypes.  The paper clips are not pliable enough.  I need to find some aluminum wire which can be bent easily to the shape I want for the legs.

No wonder no one was able to guess the answer. 

I'll be back, later on,  as soon as I make a list of participants and use the random number generator to make the draw.  Please stay tuned.

Until then....

יום חמישי, 21 ביוני 2018

Birthday gifts from Ireland

Hello dear readers,

Never thought I'll have something new to post about so soon, when then, another birthday parcel arrived, all the way from Ireland, from my dear friend Maria.  I have to show what pretty things Maria generously collected for me and what a lovely fairy backyard she created.


Back to the riddle.  No one guessed or came close to the solution so here is another hint.

If you are the first to solve you get the surprise giveaway, if no one guesses what this part is going to be, I'll make a draw between the comments on this, and my previous post. The date of
the draw will be next Saturday night, 23 June.

Hello and welcome to my new followers.  You too are invited to guess and make a comment.  Maybe you will be the winner.

By the way, this very old PC is giving me trouble and may soon have to be replaced.  It takes me too long to open or shut it down.  I hope not to get stuck in the middle of a post or email.  My brother  will check and see what's wrong with it.

Blessing to all

יום ראשון, 17 ביוני 2018

Gifts from Ukraine

Hello dear readers,

These are the precious miniatures that my dear friend Tatiana sent me for my birthday.  I was overwhelmed when I opened the parcel and saw the tiny little doll, dressed as a teddy bear. The doll has a lovely, tiny little face, mouth, nose, eyelids, amazingly and perfectly sculpted by Tatiana.  Tatiana is not only a master character dolls sculptor, she can build a dollhouse from start to finish. decorate it with wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories all handmade by herself.  And, on top of it all, is also one of the most generous persons on the blogs, handing out great and practical tutorials as well as giveaways.  If you are not yet Tatiana's blog follower, run and be one.

Both doll and teddy bear can move arms and legs.

This tiny vase and flowers will be perfect for my flower shop.

Beautiful rugs.


Now,  my dear friends, I prepared a riddle for you to solve.  In the photo below you can see some staff,  including a piece of Fimo.  The first one who guesses, or comes close to what is going to be created from these pieces, will receive a surprise giveaway from me.  Here is a hint -  a kitchen item.  If no one guesses the right answer I'll make a draw among the comments here on this post.

Best wishes for a peaceful, creative week ahead and blessings to all my friends.

יום שלישי, 12 ביוני 2018


Hello dear readers,

First of all, I want you to know how much your compassionate comments about my husband's condition meant to me.  THANK YOU!

Having less free time between visits to the homecare where my husband is hospitalized and house chores but still with the need to do something creative, I made some hookahs.  Learned that hookahs are far more harmful than cigarettes but witches love them.  Baalatova openly hinted that it's time that I make one for her.....

These were made with beads and jewelry findings.  All the beads are cheap plastic ones, originally intended to be thrown away.

I also made new egg-carton planters for my favorite geraniums.

A precious birthday gifts parcel arrived from overseas.  It deserves a separate post.  As soon as I take them I'll show you the photos.

Wishing you all a pleasant rest of the week with blessings.

יום חמישי, 7 ביוני 2018

Birthday gifts

Hello dear readers,

It's been a long time since I last posted.  My husband had serious health troubles with several emergencies trips to the hospital.  Thank god, he's better now with an installed pacemaker which brought him back to life.  My birthday, a few days ago went by quietly without celebrations.
I got gifts from Fabiola, my two daughters, and grandchildren.

From Faby

Thank you dear Faby for your lovely handcrafted gifts.

From my granddaughter Tali - a hand drill

From my daughters - Magnifying glasses which can be worn over regular eyeglasses.

Also received but cannot show here, from my daughters who knew I have no time these days to shop for a new wardrobe, a pair of jeans with a paisley blue and white top.

Some of the plants in the garden around our building are coming slowly back to life.  Here is one
with its miniature companion.  The miniature looks more alive than the r/l one.

Hoping to be able to do some work on the flower shop soon.


יום ראשון, 20 במאי 2018

2018 Spring giveaway winner

Hello dear friends,

Here is a list of the 18 participants in my giveaway.

1. Nina  2. Sheila  3. Eloisa  4. Marian  5. Rosa Maria  6. Martha  7. Pilar  8. Alexandra  9. Mirel
10.  Giac  11. Orchid  12. Isabel  13. Tarnished Rose  14. BurSel  15. Birgit  16. Fabiola
17. Carmen  18 Irina

This little geranium duck planter is added to the giveaway.

For the draw, I used the true random number generator.

 And the WINNER is ISABEL RUIZ ALONSO!.  Dear Isabel, please send your address to my email drorahed@gmail.com.

Thank you, my dear friends, who took part in this giveaway.  Have a wonderfully creative week and blessings

יום רביעי, 9 במאי 2018

Shelves for the florist

Hello dear friends and readers

Today, I'm going to show you the flower shelves filled and ready for display.  You will notice that the shelves unit is much narrower.  It was too wide, making the inside of the shop crowded.  This is another unit.  I hope you like it.

I made duck planters for the geraniums.  Got carried away and made several more for gifts.

Several sizes.

Still working on the shop itself.  It is far from being ready. 

Hope you all are fine and wish you the best with blessings.

יום שלישי, 1 במאי 2018

Springtime giveaway

Hello dear readers,

Happy 1st of May!

I created lots and lots of plants and flowers for the shop. Now it's about time for a new giveaway and what's better than some flowers in springtime?
In order to participate, you have only to be a follower of this blog and make a comment here, on this post.
The draw will be on 20 May 2018.

Not very good photos but it's too hot to take them outside.

Still working on the back wall of the shop.  A boring and time-consuming and very messy job.  What makes it easier to bear is listening to some favorite classical music while curving.

My friends, Goldie and Sarit, both very talented miniaturists, came over for a short visit.  We took advantage of the little time we had together and set down to make Carmen's pressure cooker.
It took longer to make the box than the cooker itself.  The three of us are very pleased with the results and send Carmen a BIG THANK YOU!

Best wishes and blessings.

יום חמישי, 26 באפריל 2018

A few steps forward with the flower shop

Hello dear readers,

First of all, my heartiest thanks for your congratulations.  It was an upgraded award, from 100 top to 40 top.

Slowly but surely the florist shop is stepping forward.  In the middle of work, I found that I didn't have enough styrofoam material.  It was out of stock at the shop where I bought it.  On top of these bad news, the shopkeeper said he no longer does business with his styrofoam boards supplier.

At last, after a few weeks of frustration, I found a new shop and bought one large board which will enable me to finish the shop and a few other projects on the way.  Meanwhile, I'll let you have a look at what is ready.

Floor, flowers bouquet preparation table, some crates with a stock of flowers.

Chair completed.

Two outside wall curved.  Will be painted later.

A new shelves stand.  The one I made before is good for books rather than for flowers. It will be painted same as the table and chair.

For demonstration only.

Some crates with flowers and plants which will stand in front of the shop.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do. 

I wish you all lovely spring days and blessings.

יום חמישי, 5 באפריל 2018


https://blog.feedspot.comHello dear readers,

I'm very excited to let you know that today I've been informed by https://blog.feedspot.com that my blog has been awarded "top 40 dollhouse blog".  I've seen the list and feel honored as well as humbled to be included with the best.

I willingly gave up my carpeting.  Instead, I'll become a "stonemason".  Making paper flowers and cutting styrofoam stones are super time-consuming jobs.  I hope the results will justify my slow progress.

Pessah has been a long holiday which will end on next Saturday.  With young children on vacation, family and daily visits to my husband in his nursing home, it is almost impossible to work. However, I managed to make a pot of sunflowers, paint the furniture pieces and assemble the chair.  Only left to weave the chair's seat.

Also made a "stone wall"  from a small piece of styrofoam.  This wall is not intended for the flower shop.  It will be part of a barbeque scene in which both Alexandra's and Carmen's giveaway gifts will be displayed. I just needed to practice the work.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.