Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום רביעי, 25 בנובמבר 2015

List of participants in my draw

Hello dear readers,

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my American friends!

Tomorrow night I'm going to use the random  number generator to draw out the name of the winner
of my giveaway.  Here is the list of all who take part in the order of their comments.

1.  Genevieve,  2. Jane,  3.  Mari,   4. Victoria,   5.  Carmen,  6. Julia,  7. Pam,   8. Rosa Maria,
9.  Isabel Ruiz,  10.  Susanna,  11. Pilar 63733,  12.  Birgit  13.  Teruka,  14. Chris,  15. Melli,
16. Pirkko,  17. Meritan,  18. Fabiola,  19. Kikka,  20,  Esthig,  21. Tiina,  22. Pilar 8,
23. Malu,  24. DE,  25.  Hanna,  26. Isabel Manzano,  27. Jennifer,  28. Yolanda,  29. Patrizia,
30. Simona.

Please check up if, by mistake, I left out a name.

Hugs and good luck!

5 תגובות:

  1. Hi Drora, that will be one lucky winner, it's a lovely selection and congratulations with your 5-year blog anniversary!

  2. Suerte para todos los participantes!!!!

  3. Gracias Drora , feliz fin de semana y suerte a todos, besos:-)

  4. There will be one lucky person in blogland tomorrow - good luck to all who are taking part.