Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שני, 26 באוקטובר 2015

Baalatova meets the cats

Happy Halloween to all my dear readers.

The cats, hearing that Baalatova was on her way, went forwards to welcome her.


Hello Baalatova, The Skellies heard that you had a terrible accident and lost your wand.  They sent us on a mission to find it for you.
We found  three different wands. Here they are.  Which one is yours?


Oh dear me, that wicked sorcerer Baalzebob planted fancy magical wands along your way just to confuse you.
Not one of these is mine.  But well, lets try one and see if it works.  Hey Leona! would you like me
to turn you into a lioness?

Leona:  Oh! Yes! Please!

Baalatova:  OK.  Stand close.

By the spirits of  the high and mighty lords of the magic ESSER! ESSRIM! SHLOSHIM!.........!

 Leona in total shock cried out:

You turned me into a lizard!!!

It's that terrible sorcerer Baalzebob who plays tricks on me. He is to blame!
Just run back quickly to my house.  There is a powerful magical eyeball soup there.  Take
a few sips and hopefully it will turn you back into the beautiful black cat that you are.

And now cats lets try another of these wands.  Who wants me to turn him into a........Don't run away...... where have you all gone....

I wish you all lots of fun today.


25 תגובות:

  1. .Wow , how beautiful work and lovely scenes with lots of exciting moments

  2. Pobre Leona,convertida en lagarto...espero que con la sopa de ojos,recobre su aspecto normal!!! Y que pronto Baatalova pueda encontrar su varita mágica y regresar a casa!!!!
    Buen día Drora!!

  3. vaya desastre que se ha formado , pero seguro que Baatalova encontrara un remedio rapidamente



  4. Wonderful funny scenes. I do hope the soup works on the poor cat lol.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Espero que pueda recuperar pronto su varita y poner a ese hechicero en su sitio.

  6. No me extraña que no se fíen de las varitas después de ese desastre A ver si consigue pronto la suya.

  7. LOL...What a funny story, Drora!
    Poor Leona!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Agnès

  8. Cute story and scene! I But, can't blame the other cats for running!

  9. Hahahha poor kittens! I would do the same thing and run away! Hope Baalatova will find her wand and the skellies too! Hugs

  10. Beautiful work ..!! Happy Halloween ..!!
    Mini hugs,

  11. What a lovely scene and story...poor cat....Happy Halloween

  12. What a lovely scene and story...poor cat....Happy Halloween

  13. nice scene, lovely witch, you made me smile

  14. D That was a quite a trick! :D:
    Happy halloween to you Drora!

  15. I've asked my own witches and wizards to be around while I write this comment... just to make sure Baalatova will not test the other wands at me! *gulp* Thank you for this wonderful post being as magical as funny... I keep my fingers crossed for Leona to switch back to a cat again. And how frightening to have a bad sorcerer around - Baalzebob... *shiver* We have the expression "Beelzebub" as the synonyme for the devil in German... so I suspect Baalzebob really not to be one of the nice guys... but I'd love to hear more from him... and of course from dear Baalatova and poor Leona. Happy Halloween !


  16. Hay que estar lejos de ese hechicero, una historia divertida.Feliz fin de semana:-)

  17. I adore stories about Baalatova :-) her cats are great, all was well done. Hugs! Magda

  18. Oops indeed :), nowonder they disappeared. Hope the eyeball soup helps ;). Blessings, Pam in Norway

  19. What a cute story, Drora! You really made me giggle with this one--so cute! xo Jennifer