Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום ראשון, 12 באפריל 2015


Hello again,

My ceramics, which awaited  the opportunity when my daughter uses her kiln, were fired and this is what came out.

I filled one two layered plate to see how it will  look.

This is what they looked like before.

I am rather pleased with the results.

The weather here can't be trusted.  We enjoyed lovely spring days at the beginning of April. Next
came a day which was too hot and dry and felt like inside of an oven.  Now winter is here again.
Today it rained and hailed and is really cold.  I took a photo to show you how gloomy this morning
looked. Usually, from this window of our apartment on the fifth floor, the sky is blue and we can
even see as far asTel-Aviv.

A very warm welcome to my new followers Marina Boikova, Ana Alonso and Anna.  Thank you for following.

I wish you all a nice creative week and blessings

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  1. Have a safe evening Drora. Over here it is warm but very windy today. :) Hugs

  2. Esos reposteros de dulces son fantásticos! Que tengas buena semana

  3. Beautiful works of ceramics!
    ..we still have the snow on the ground..

  4. ,Dear Drora
    .You"re so lucky to have a daughter with a kiln
    !It looks great
    .Hugs Dorien

  5. You are getting every season in one month. Better to stay indoors and make more of your lovely ceramics. The pasteries look wonderful on the plates

  6. Your ceramics are lovely, Drora, I love your delicous pastries too :D!
    The weather, here in The Netherlands, is strange too, last Friday we had about 21 oC and yesterday it was about the half so cold :S!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Buen trabajo!!
    Feliz semana también para tí.

  8. Here in Germany we call this April-weather... even if it would happen in another month... ;O) Hopefully spring will come and stay now. Your ceramics turned out beautiful - you have every right to be over the moon with the result. They looked wonderful with the cookies on.


  9. como siempre me encanta la delicadeza de su trabajo,
    un abrazo

  10. que bonito trabajo , aqui la primavera tambien es caotica en cuanto a las temperaturas



  11. The ceramics look great. The two tier cake plate with the food looks fabulous.

  12. Nice ceramics Dror and I wish you a lot of sun next week

    Dear greetings Xandra

  13. We've had lots of changes in our weather too. I like the photo outside of your home. It gives me a better sense of what it looks like near you. Your ceramics came out beautifully. I agree with Pepper--with this cold weather, it might be more fun to stay inside and make minis. ;-) xo Jennifer

  14. Dear Drora, the weather is the same here, one day is like summer and the next day brrr you don´t like to go outside :)
    Your plates are wonderful and look so lovely with the cookies on !

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  15. Какая прекрасная глиняная посуда!!!
    Ваша посуда с печеньем выглядит великолепно!
    У нас погода точно такая же.

  16. Your ceramics are wonderful. They look fantastic with the tasty cookies on them. The weather is very changeable here also. we had beautiful spring weather and then it got very cold and wet.
    Hugs Maria

  17. Crazy weather here in NY as well..seems the norm everywhere nowadays!

    Your ceramics are fantastic, I love to see you add a new amazing mini skill to the mix.

    I await the first fabulous teapot!

  18. Your ceramics are amazing. Great work!

  19. Un detalle precioso,el tiempo creo que está un poco loco en todos los sitios, aquí pasa lo mismo, besos:-)

  20. Ces petits serviteurs sont ravissants!!

  21. Que suerte disponer de un horno para hacer piezas de cerámica. Te quedaron muy bien. Un beso.

  22. Beautiful ceramics! So pretty!♥
    -Drora, we also enjoyed a lovely spring days..until yesterday.
    It was sleeting and snowing. Fortunately today we already had a quite a nice weather. :)
    Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, piikko