Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שישי, 20 ביוני 2014

Maria's gifts

Dear readers,

With the help of our snail mail service, my birthday gifts keep coming prolonging my joy.  This time I received lovely gifts from Maria, one of my best blog friends, who lovingly made me some beautiful
knitted garments.  Maria almost gave hope for the parcel ever reaching me.  It did, and just in time.
On July 20 everything is having to be handed over to the museum.  August 1 is the opening date.

This is the lady shopkeeper of my wool stall (Part of the market).  The jacket and hat
fit her perfectly and are going to the exhibition with her.

The skirt is knitted by me.

And, as if these were not enough, Maria generously added a knitted cot carrier and tea cozy, a little pony and DIY stuff.

This morning, Maria and I drank tea together and lovingly thought about each other, Maria in Ireland and I
in Israel.  This cute thought was Maria's who sent me a tea bag in a lovely bag.  Poke the picture and
look closely at the note on the right side.

Thank you Maria for your gifts and most of all for your friendship.

Not only Maria's gifts are going to the exhibition:

I added the beautiful flowers Birgit sent me to my flower stall and they too will be in the exhibition.
Note the floor.  I hope it looks like a deck floor.  It is 1.78 meter long (Almost 6 feet) made of
large bamboo skewers.  I had to saw about 200 pieces.  Believe me a very boring hard labor job
but the end result looks well enough.

The deck comes in two pieces which are joined by the straw rugs to make one long market.

 I wish you a wonderful weekend and blessings

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  1. Hi Drora! I am sure that a lot of visitors will come to visit your miniature market stalls. You have filled them with such wonderful gifts of talented blog friends, so this will be a special exhibition for you :D! You must also have been very patient to saw 200 pieces of large bamboo skewers, but the floor looks fantastic ;)! Hugs, Ilona

  2. The stalls look so lovely! Great gifts! Enjoy them all. :) Hugs

  3. A very happy birthday to you. I like the gifts that you got. Enjoy!

  4. Oh, how lovely! Your birthday keeps getting extended (I love that too!). Maria's gifts, as usual, are so beautiful and thoughtful. Your work for the exhibition is gorgeous, and how fortunate that both Maria and Birgit will have pieces in the show too. I'm so glad that you and Maria could share a cup of tea together. What wonderful friendships blogging gives us! xo Jennifer

  5. Gracias a amigas como María,tu cumpleaños se va alargando en el tiempo con esa maravilla de regalos,enhorabuena!!!!

  6. Hello Drora,

    Good to read that the parcel of Maria arrived on time. What a lot of surprises were in the package. You market stalls look beautiful. I hope the exhibition will be a success and wish you lots of fun.

    Greetings Xandra

  7. I like these beautiful gifts. They're perfect on your dolls and stalls. The exhibition will be a success with your fantastic work.

  8. What a lot of wonderful treasures, Maria is very generous! I love your market, so beautiful! Enjoy and a big hug

  9. It's not the worst thing that mail services do their very best to make the celebration times longer for us bloggers... *LOL* And isn't it always the best thing when you've already given up hope the mail would ever arrive and then it comes... filled with loads of treasures... Maria spoiled you - but what else to expect from her. And I LOVE her idea about sharig a cup of tea thinking of each other. - You've been very busy with the preparations for the fair but the floor was worth the effort. Your stalls look so fantastic - they will take the visitors' breath away for sure!


  10. Drora felicidades por esos maravillosos regalos de María, ella es encantadora como tú. Un abrazo

  11. Happy birthday. It is lovely gifts you have received. It is delicate and lovely things you've been to the show. So nice you could drink tea with Mary.

  12. Felicidades, me alegro mucho de que estés disfrutando tanto de tu cumpleaños. Un abrazo

  13. Que regalos mas bonitos y que bien quedan en las muñecas. Los puestos del mercado son una verdadera monada.
    Gracias por hacerte seguidora de mi nuevo blog. Un beso.

  14. Hello Drora, what beautiful gifts and your work is amazing! The very best of luck with your exhibition, wish l could go and see it. Pam xx

  15. Замечательные подарки от прекрасного друга!
    Ваши ларьки смотрятся потрясающе! Вы будете иметь успех!

  16. Hello Drora I am so glad my gifts arrived safe and sound and that you like. I am very honored to have a piece of my work in your wonderful display. Your stalls are fantastic. Wishing you the best of luck. I very much enjoyed our cup of tea :)))
    Hugs Maria

  17. Your flower stall looks great! I just love flowers =) The presents from Maria is great too, very cute clothes. Hannah

  18. Muchas felicidades Drora, es todo fantástico. No sabría decir que me gusta mas.

  19. Me encantan tus regalos. Y los puestos de tu mercado me han enamorado. Se ven preciosos y cuando esté todo montado va a ser una maravilla.
    Un abrazo

  20. es todo muy bonito me encanta la falda que usted tejió es muy alegre, y todo queda perfecto en ese escena
    un abrazo

  21. Aunque ya te he felicitado por tu cumpleaños lo vuelvo hacer y te también lo hago por estos maravillosos regalos, son todos muy bonitos

  22. So sweet gifts from Maria <3 I love your stalls, great work, especially the flower stall is fantastic! Hugs Eeva

  23. Felicidades tanto por tu cumpleaños como por todos estos regalos tan bonitos. Un beso

  24. Maria a des doigts de fée et ces cadeaux sont merveilleux!!

  25. Bellissimi regali, il vestitino è stupendo!!!