Friday, May 20, 2022

The third scene on a

Hello dear readers, I had to complete the third and last of the three scenes on a slice of tree branch before starting with the project of Solly's home. One thing led to another, you'll see what I mean with the next photos and I found myself even more busy, this time with miniatures. This is the new scene. Trees made out of grapes stems and foam, houses out of ceramic clay, fired in a kiln and than painted. Lake and duck out of my homemade cold porcelain.
First I made a bunch of clay houses intended for this scene (as well as for filling walnuts shells). Then I cooked, the cold porcelain clay, but I didn't calculate the quantity needed for the lake and ducks. This clay has to be used within a limit of time before it dries out, so I made a larger duck to be filled with tiny flowers. And then I made more ducks and, please don't laugh, I began to think that this clay will never end so I gave what was left to some ladies at the center to play with. I made paper flowers to fill some of the empty duck flower to be given as little "thank you" gifts. Now you know what kept me away from Solly's home.
This little fellow is small enough to be displayed in a nutshell. The next photo shows what was used to fill it.
Now I have time at leisure to go and enjoy visiting my favorite blogs with a hope that my comments will be visable. I wish you, my dear readers, a lovely weekend with blessings. I


  1. Ooooh que maravilla !!!!.
    Tus patos son adorables y esa primera mini escena es fantástica !!!!

  2. Beautiful creations. Your fellow with flowers is so cute.

  3. I just love how the scene on the slice turned out, Drora! It's such a warm and peaceful scene, and those wee ducks are impossibly perfect for how tiny they are! And the rest of the flocks, both the bouquet ducks and the white ducks are simply marvelous! Your eyesight at 85 is a miracle! The flowers are may favorite - they just seem to be alive and so happily sending out love. Best of luck with the comments, and I hope the inspiration for Solly's house fills you with joy!

  4. So gorgeous scenes, I love them.

  5. :-) Pues si que has trabajado¡, una buena colección de patitos , la escena encantadora. Muy original y bien hecha. Besos

  6. Que originales los patitos como centros florales.
    La tercera base ha quedado fantástica.
    Un saludo

  7. Unos trabajos preciosos, a mi me encanta las súper minis😍

  8. ¡Menuda colección de patos! Y en ese pequeña escena quedan fantásticos. Y los cargados de flores también.

  9. Perhaps you remember that I'm a big fan of Carl Barks, the most famous cartoonist of Donald Duck-stories (and he's also the one who invented so many fabulous characters... including Scrooge McDuck, the Beagle Boys and yes... Magica de Spell... eh... where was I...). When Barks was once asked who he would explain his success he said "Everybody loves ducks..." This came to my mind when I saw your beautiful, amazing scene... every good thing gets even better with some ducks around... *LOL*

    All your miniature scenes are awesome because of their countless details in this small size and so well done - and this scene with the duck pond is no exception. And it made me smile that the airdrying clay demanded you to create some more ducks... and then some more still. Ah, all the possibilities to use them in new scenes... I'm already looking forward to see them again. ;O) And good luck with commenting!