Tuesday, May 24, 2022

A home for Solly Part 2

Hello dear readers, Solly is a cheerful little winged bear, handcrafted by ny very talented friend Birgit, BiWuBaer.blogspot.com. (link didn't work) Solly is a gift which brings smiles everytime I look at him. the charming yound Solly has been with me over 4 years, didn't have a place of his own and never complained about it. I wanted him to have a cheerful sunny room and this is what it's going to look like. Couln't find wall paper so I experimented with decoupaging a papernapkin. How you like the result.
I cut strips of 1/4" wooden beads to frame the ugly openning of the box and enlarge the depth a tiny bit. Exceps for the indoors and bottom part, I didn't glue them yet on the frame. Will do so after inserting the floors and fireplace.
Doesn't look like a big progress but believe me it was hard work. Cutting and sawing wood to exact size by hand is not my cup of tea. The wall papering was fun. Even Baalatova liked the result. I wish you all delightful sunny days with blessings.


  1. Very beautiful! I like the wallpaper. For this tiny house the colors are so bright.

  2. I don't think there is a more cheerful and perfect wallpaper and color you could have chosen for Solly's place. They are a match made in heaven! Great thinking on the napkin, too. It is beautiful! I do love the wood frame and the stain color you used is warm and welcoming, Great job getting the wood cut! If you have to do that job by hand it takes a lot of determination and a high tolerance for pain. I can see that you are having a lot of fun with this project and I am so glad that Solly and Baalatova are right there to cheer you on. Can't wait to see the fireplace!
    We are not getting hardly any sunny days this spring, but when the sun does poke out, our gratitude is off the charts! Hope your days are still cool enough to enjoy! Hugs!

  3. Este parece un proyecto muy dulce y estoy deseando ver el avance y disfrutar de el recorrido.
    Un saludo

  4. ¡Que gran idea querida Drora has tenido !,muy ingenioso utilizar servilletas de papel; el motivo es muy fino y animado, va perfectamente para Solly. Ya me imagino puesta la chimenea en un ambiente tan cálido. Besos

  5. No doubt Solly will be delighted to have a home. Using a paper napkin as a wallpaper is a very good idea and the result great.

  6. Dear Drora, I Love Solly's House! The wallpaper is Beautiful! And such a perfect color for him! It is a brilliant idea to use a paper napkin! I also know just how cheering these little furry bears are! They have magical "smile power"! I look forward to seeing more of this little house. :)

  7. Has creado un lugar muy alegre. La servilleta que has utilizado para la pared es perfecta y la terminación de los bordes también.

  8. Solly estará encantado con su casa.
    Me encanta el papel !!!

  9. Oh, you've already made so much progress!!! No surprise that Solly looks so happy. Knowing him so well I have no doubt that he's over the moon with the beginnings of his new home. The napkin was the perfect choice for Solly's home, sunny colours and lovely flowers - nothing could be better. And the warm yellow on top will be perfect for the little guy to feel comfortable. I'm not surprised that even Baalatova liked it... be aware, maybe she will ask you for a sunny vacation home one day, you know, for sometimes recovering from all this witchy black, poisonous green and bloody red. ;O)