Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שבת, 16 בינואר 2021

Hanukkah and Christmas gifts.

Hello dear friends,

Because of the COVID-19 situation, the mail service is very slow.  The first of my overseas gifts, sent by a blog friend, arrived 2 days ago.  And. as we all know the proverb "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" I am touched and moved to tears with my gifts from one of the most generous persons on the blogs, Ricardo.

There were two parcels.  One of them containing a collection of postcards from Charles Dickens's novel "A Chrismas Carol".  I remember seeing on my friends' blogs the little shelf with the 3 files held by the wooden corners displaying a cute little bear.  Don't be mistaken, I was glad for you, my dear friends but a little envious. Now I too am the proud owner of these. 

The second parcel was beautifully crafted especially for me (here comes the part of the watery eyes).

The Hannukah Menorah, (remember the children's work I showed in one of my previous posts).  It is packed in a red felt-lined wooden box, with a pyrographed cover, saying Happy Hannukah in Hebrew. A lovely little Hannukah card and a traditional Hannukah Dreidel which I'll explain separately. The Jewish religious with Hebrew letters scroll is really beautiful.  The round wooden box the scroll packing is a clever work of art by itself. There was no way to show its inside on a photo.

The dreidel is a small spinning toy.  It has a Hebrew letter on each of its 4 sides. נ ג ה פ  - Ness Gadol Haya Po which means a Great Miracle Happened Here. The letters have a numeric value.  In addition to their holiday gifts,  each child gets his turn to spin the dreidel and gets a prize of small change according to the value of the letter which shows on top of the toy at the end of the spinning.  This is what is called in Hebrew Hannukah cents.

I am thrilled and happy with my wonderful new treasures and don't have enough words of thanks to express my gratitude for your kind gesture, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, DEAR RICARDO!

Blessing and safety to all my friends. Have a wonderful weekend.

יום ראשון, 10 בינואר 2021

Book-Nook procect completed

Hello dear readers,

I finished my first BookNook, lights, and mirror are installed. It was a lot of trial and error work but I'm pleased with the results.  The only thing left to do, as soon as the lockdown is over, is to order a framed glass front to keep it dust-free.  One of my daughters has a wall to wall library, the other one also has a large collection of books, and so have my grandchildren.  From now on  I'll be busy making a BookNook for each of them. I don't have any special theme for the future BookNooks, I just want them to look pretty with lots of plants and flowers and if possible, a book shop in each.

Without lights

With lights on

The balcony which was made over a few times.

2020 has been a terrible year for us. I lost my beloved husband, and because of the epidemic, couldn't stay with him during his last days.  It was either sink into a large dark void and cause the family anxiety and more sorrow or gather courage and go on living independently as usual.  Our beloveds are never forgotten, they stay in our hearts and souls forever. 

A few days ago I received my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.  My second and last vaccine shot is scheduled for the 28th of January.  By the end of this month, over two million citizens here in Israel will be inoculated and by the end of this mild winter, we shall all hopefully be inoculated.  Meanwhile, we stay in strict lockdown until further notice.

I'm looking forward to a Happy 2021 and wish safety and good health for all.